torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

Trick Or Treat !! :D !!

- WuuuuuHHHHHuuuuuu !!!!!! - Just want to wish you all a SCARY and a HAPPY Halloween !! :D !! - and I found the perfect video for this event !!!! :D - at the video below you can watch COOOOL Tom Jones singing the song "Trick Or Treat" - REALLY COOOOOOL !! :D !! 

SO AMAZING !!! - HAVE to listen !!!

- Okay so as many of you know !!! IL DIVO is releasing a new album called "A Musical Affair" - and it will be released very SOON !! :D !! - SO excited I can´t WAIT to get the album !!! - but if you have ordered the deluxe version of the album - you will get it the 2th of December, because you will also get a DVD from the shows they are doing on Broadway in New York - this November !! :D !!

Some of the songs have been posted on YouTube - so you can listen to most of them or I actually think every song from the album is posted on You Tube !!! - and I have listened to all the songs - and the only thing I can say is WOW WOW WOW !!!!! :D - this album is a breath taking album - I absolutely LOVE every song that is one this AMAZING album !!! - but if I had to choose one or two favourites - then it would be "Memory", "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "You´ll Never Walk Alone" !!!

AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !!

At the video you can listen to some of the new songs from the new album:


"You´ll Never Walk Alone"

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight" 

søndag den 27. oktober 2013

NEW interview from the COOL Sir Tom Jones !! :D !!

- I just found this new interview with Tom Jones - the interview is from Tel - Aviv, Israel !! :D !! - in the interview there is some short clips from the concert that Tom Jones performed last night !! :D !!

- and in the interview Tom Jones comes with an important message !!! He is SO COOL and an AMAZING and a POWERFUL singer !! :D !!

At the link below you can watch the interview !!!

and at this link below their is also some short but good clips from the concert in Tel - Aviv !!!,7340,L-4445789,00.html

Enjoy !! :D !!

Tom Jones - "My Yiddishe Mama"

So Tom Jones is right now in Israel, Tel - Aviv where he is going to perform two concerts !!! - and yesterday he performed one of them, and they LOVE him !!! - it was a really successful concert - where he performed some of the old hits and some of the songs from the new albums "Praise & Blame" and "Spirit In The Room" !!!

He also sang the song "My Yiddishe Mama" - and he is known for his breath taken version of this amazing song !!! - as you can read on Wikipedia:

At the link below you can watch to Tom Jones performing the song in Tel - Aviv:

and at the other link you can watch Tom Jones performing the two songs "Hit Or Miss" and "She´s A Lady":



So IL DIVO just got back from their trip to Japan - where they performed some of their new songs from their new album called "A Musical Affair" for the first time  !! :D !! - and I think that all the Japanese fans LOVE the new album !!! - it was well - received in Japan !!! - so congratulations to IL DIVO with the successful trip to Japan !!! - Next stop for IL DIVO is New York - where they are ready to perform their new show on Broadway - where they will sing all the songs from their new album "A Musical Affair" - There are still a few tickets left - but NOT manny - so if you have time to go see them - DO it !!! - and buy the tickets NOW !! :D !! - unfortunately I can´t go myself, because I live in Denmark and it is too fare away - when you have to go to school !!! - but that is just how it is !!! - but hope that they come to Denmark very SOON !! :D !! - PLEASE do IL DIVO !! :D !!

At the link below you can see the dates for the Broadway shows and buy the tickets!!! 

When IL DIVO was in Japan they performed for the first time some of the new songs - and some of the songs was "Flowers Will Bloom" and "Memory" !!! - The first time I heart IL DIVO sing "Memory" - I fell in love with the song immediately !!! - I love the first part of the song - where Carlos sing: 
                    "Piano questi passi d´amore 
                     Sulla strada del cuore
                     Che mi porta da te 
                     Soffia il vento del tempo
                     Quanta notte che va 
                     Sempre qui ci troverà" 

It is breath taken and I could listen to this again and again - and I have done that haha !! :D !!  - their version of this song is SO powerful and they sing it with emotion - it is my favourite version of the song !!! - I can´t WAIT to hear the song on the album !!! - hope they sing this song at the Broadway Show - because I think it will sound AMAZING !!! 

At the link below you can watch IL DIVO perform the song "Memory" in Japan !! :D !! 

And if you want to preorder this AMAZING album "A Musical Affair" then go to the link below !!! 

onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

My favourite !!!!!!

I just found this AMAZING video on YouTube !! :D !!

- The video is with Tom Jones singing the Paul McCartney song called "(I Want To) Come Home" live in Hyde Park 2012 !! :D !! - The song is one of Tom´ new songs from his latest album called "Spirit In The Room" !!!! The album is AMAZING filled with beautiful, emotional, strong, powerful and soulful songs !!!!!! It is one of my favourite albums !!!!!!

- I LOVE Tom´ version of this AMAZING song !!! He sings this song with so much emotion and he takes the song to an another level !!! - It sound so real, beautiful and soulful when he sings this song  !!! He is the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

A little piece of Heaven !! :D !! WOW WOW WOW !!!!

OMG OMG OMG & WOW WOW WOW - that is all I can say !! :D !!

- I just found this great video where you can hear a little piece of every new song from IL DIVO´ new album called "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! - and WOW every song sounds AMAZING !!! I have no words - every song is  breathtaking !!! - and it is not just something I say, because I LOVE Il DIVO so much - no I really mean it !!! - It sounds AMAZING - I have to say this !!!  IL DIVO have done it again - they have made a FANTASTIC album !! :D !! - I think this is going to be my favourite IL DIVO album !! :D !! - You can listen to all the new songs at the link below !! :D !!

Video - A little piece of every new song !!!

The guys just did a video chat on Ustream !! :D !! - I think it is SO COOL that they do it !! :D !! - it is SO great that they take time to do the live video chats !! :D !! - it just shows how much they appreciate us fans !! :D !! - and it means SO much to us fans - so THANKS IL DIVO for doing it !! :D !! - you are great !! :D !!

- and I´m a great fan of Sir Tom Jones - and that is Carlos too - and I love that Carlos always mentions Tom Jones in every video chat !! :D !! - SO COOL !! :D !!  - At the link below you can watch the video chat - it is really funny to watch !! :D !!

IL DIVO - video chat 2013

- and right now in this moment the guys are flying to Japan - because of the new album "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! <3 - Wish you all a safe and a great trip !! :D !! - and I just want to say to all the fans in Japan - you are so lucky to have IL DIVO in Japan - enjoy !! :D !!

mandag den 9. september 2013

News from A Musical Affair...

- The AMAZING group IL DIVO is releasing a new and AMAZING album called "A Musical Affair" - it is an album with songs from different musicals !!! - and they will be doing a show on Broadway in November !! :D !! Very exciting !! :D !!

- So today they have released one of the songs from the album - and that song is the AMAZING and SO beautiful song - from the musical "The Lion King" - called "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" !!! and they sing the song with the AMAZING and very talented singer Heather Headley.

- It is a song that is very well -known and there are many versions of this song, but I think this is the BEST and most AMZING and beautiful version of them all !!!!!!  IL DIVO always takes it to an another level !!! AMAZING !!!

At the link below you can listen to the song - from their new album !! :D !!

If you want to pre - order the album then you can do it at the link below - you can also pre - order a deluxe version - I did that and I can´t WAIT for the new album !!! I´m SO excited and I think that it is going to be an AMAZING and a very well produced album because IL DIVO are AMAZING !!!!!! At the link below you can also watch IL DIVO talking about their new album and that they are very excited about the album - and that they hope we will like it !! :D !! - WE LIKE IT VERY MUCH !! :D !!

onsdag den 7. august 2013

Karl Lagerfeld draws his life...

- This week it is Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark !! :D !! - and then they are sending a lot of programs in the TV that is about fashion and all the GREAT and AMAZING designers as Karl Lagerfeld !! :D !!

Karl Lagerfeld is my favourite designer and then on the TV they was sending a program about him and his life !! :D !! - I watched that program and it was one of the best programs I have ever watched about anybody, because he was drawing the things he was talking about - so while he was telling a story about his life he would draw the things he was telling !! :D !! - That was AMAZING to watch and to see how talented he is !! :D !! - it is a REALLY good program !! :D !!

- At the link below you can watch the program about Karl Lagerfeld !! :D !!

Karl Lagerfeld does a lot of things and he has also made some music and at the video below you can watch/ listen to the music that Karl Lagerfeld did with some musicians !! :D !! - it is REALLY good !! :D !!

tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Every song is GOOD !!! Hey hey hey...

I just got Robin Thicke´ album that has the VERY known title "Blurred Lines" !! :D !!

- I was very SURPRISEDabout this album !! :D !! - It is NOT just the very known song "Blurred Lines" that is good - NO - it is EVERY song on the album that is GOOD !! :D !! - and then something else Robin Thicke is an AMAZING and a VERY talented singer !! :D !! I just say WOW to this album, because it is a REALLY COOL and a GOOD album !! :D !!

At the videos below you can listen to my favourite songs from the album !! :D !!

The song "Blurred Lines"

The song "The Good Life"


The song "For The Rest Of My Life"

My two favourites !!!!!

I just found two AMAZING, great and very cool pictures on Facebook !! :D !! - I´m a GREAT fan of SIR TOM JONES and IL DIVO !! :D !! - and then on Facebook two pictures were posted with Tom Jones and some other people and then I look at the background of the pictures and I saw that there was a lot of posters/ pictures of famous people !!! Then I see that behind Tom Jones there is a poster/ picture of IL DIVO - it is the cover from their newest album called "Wicked Game" !! :D !! - I think it is a bit funny and very COOL that I found two pictures where my favourite singer and my favourite group are on the same picture !! :D !!
- You can see the two pictures at the below !! :D !! You can see the IL DIVO poster/ picture at the upper right corner !! :D !!


More drawings...

Last time I posted some of my CHANEL - drawings !! :D !! J´adore CHANEL !! <3 !! and Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer for CHANEL - and I think that he is the BEST designer EVER - and he really knows how to make CHANEL modern in a good and COOL way !!!

- If you want to know more about the AMAZING designer Karl Lagerfeld then you can watch the movie called "Lagerfeld Confidential" !! :D !! - it is a really good movie !!! At the link below you can watch the trailer of the movie !!! 

At the below I have posted three new CHANEL drawings that I did yesterday !! :D !! 



søndag den 28. juli 2013

My Designs...

At the below you can see two of my designs - I have drawn these on my Ipad on a drawing - program !! :D !!
- The first is a drawing of CHANEL No. 5 and the other is a CHANEL purse !! :D !!


Sweet Thing...

I was watching a movie and in the movie they played a song that I have never listened to before then I found out what song it was - the song from the movie was "Sweet Thing" by the COOL singer Van Morrison !! :D !! - I think it is a really nice and cool song - and I LOVE the melody !! :D !! 

- At the video below you can listen to the song !! :D !! 

fredag den 26. juli 2013

Love And Other Disasters...

I watched this AMAZING movie today called "Love And Other Disasters" it is a really great and VERY VERY funny movie !! :D !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie !! :D !!

- The movie is about a girl who works at VOGUE in London, and lives with her friend who is gay !! :D !! They both really want to find TRUE love !!! <3 Suddenly a man comes intro their lives and he changes everything...LOVE - She really likes him, but she thinks he is gay and therefore thinks that he and her friend would be perfect together... but the man is not gay, NO, he is madly in love with HER !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch the trailer of the movie !! :D !!

More LOVE from Italy...

I just watched an another movie that also takes place in one of my favourite cities ROME, Italy !! :D !!
The movie is called "Ages Of Love" and is about love !!! The movie is divided into three parts where it shows how love can be in those three parts that is at the below: 

1. Youth 
2. Adulthood 
3. and later 

- It is a great and a very funny and crazy movie about love in different ages !!! <3 At the video below you can watch the trailer of the movie !! :D !! 

torsdag den 25. juli 2013

To Rome With Love...

I just watched this AMAZING movie called "To Rome With Love" by Woody Allen !!! :D It is a very sweet and romantic movie but also very funny at the same time !! :D !! The movie is all about different people and their lives and how they find love in the AMAZING and romantic city ROME !! :D !! <3

- At the video below you can watch the trailer to the movie !! :D !!

New interview with IL DIVO !! :D !!

So I just found this interview with IL DIVO from last night at the festival "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia !! :D !! - It is a short but very funny interview !! :D !! - You can watch the interview with IL DIVO at the link below !! :D !! At the link below you will also see a lot of great pictures with IL DIVO from last night !! :D !!

Interview with IL DIVO

The picture below is from last night !! :D !! It is IL DIVO and the great singer Julio Iglesias who also performed at the festival in Riga last night !! :D !!

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

If you didn´t see !! :D !!

IL DIVO just performed at the festival called "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia !! :D !! - and if you couldn´t be at the festival then you could watch it live from the festival on the computer !! :D !! But if you didn´t watched it on the computer then you can watch it at the two videos below !! :D !!  

IL DIVO AMAZING as always and they sang three songs at the festival !! :D !! 

The Three Songs:

1. "Can´t Help Falling In Love" 

2. "My Way"

3. "Heroe" 

All nice songs !! :D !! 

You can watch IL DIVO perform the three songs at the videos below !! :D !! The first video is with two of the songs (Can´t Help Falling In Love and My Way) and the last video is with the last song (Heroe) !! :D !! 

IL DIVO live NOW !! :D !!

IL DIVO will be performing at the festival called "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia today the 24th of July !! :D !! - and if you cant´t go to the concert then you can watch it from your computer live at the link below !! :D !!

The concert starts at 7pm UK - time !! :D !! So it is VERY soon !! :D !!

Watch IL DIVO live

At the video below you can watch TOM JONES who was at the festival last year 2012 !! :D !!

mandag den 24. juni 2013


So the final of the Voice UK 2013 was AMAZING with a lot of singing and dancing and A LOT of talent !! :D !!

- I LOVED the beginning of the show where Tom Jones, Jessie J, Danny and Will sang the great song "Get Lucky" !! :D !! - That was really cool !! :D !! You can watch the video below !!! :)

- So the winner of the Voice was team Danny with the AMAZING and very talented singer Andrea !!! Who has a voice as an angel as Danny says !!! :D Congratulations Andrea !! :D !! - At the video below you can watch my favourite video with Andrea from the Voice UK 2013 !! :D !!

onsdag den 5. juni 2013

This Is Love - Innocence - to the TOP !! :D !!

The AMAZING and very talented Spanish singer Innocence has a new AMAZING and great album out called "This Is Love" !!! - this is a great album, with a lot of AMAZING new and fresh songs !!! :D One of my favourite songs form the new album is a great song called "Houdini Girl" !!! :D 

Innocence is a FANTASTIC and very talented singer who can sing everything from opera to pop !!! The song "Houdini Girl" is a great pop - dance song where Innocence mixes it with some of her AMAZING opera tones !!! :D I think this mixture makes this album to something new and very interesting !!! 

If you like the album as much as I do then at the link below you can vote for Innocence and her new great album "This Is Love": 
At the video below you can watch a video of the making of the album - with Innocence herself and Carlos Marin (member of IL DIVO ) who is the executive producer of this great new album "This Is Love" !! :D !! 

At the two videos below you can watch and listen to two of the songs from the album !!! The first is "Houdini Girl" and the last one is "This Is Love" !! :D !! Great songs !! :D !! 

Houdini Girl !! :D !! 

This Is Love !! <3 !! 

tirsdag den 4. juni 2013

 "The Chanel fragrance was in fact named as a reference to founder Coco Chanel's use of jersey fabric, which she famously introduced to womenswear as part of her movement away from restrictive female fashion. Jersey had previously been used primarily for sailors' sweaters and men's underwear."

- At the link below you can read the rest of the article:

The Chanel - JERSEY Fragrance !! :D !!  

La Luna !!!!!!

I´m a very new fan of IL DIVO and yesterday I found this AMAZING song called "La Luna" !!!!!! I can´t stop listening to this song !!! :D I think it is such an AMAZING and a very beautiful song !!!!!!

- I tried to see if there was a live version from a concert, but I couldn´t find one !!!!!! The song is from their great album called "The Promise" !! :D !! - The song is sung in Italian - it sounds really beautiful !!! Below you can see a translation of the song from Italian to English - if you want to know what the song is about !! :D !! - and below you can also listen to the AMAZING song "La Luna" by IL DIVO !! :D !! 

- Hope you like "La Luna" by IL DIVO !!!!!! 

The translation of the song "La Luna" from Italian to English !! :D !! 

La Luna                                                       
Se io potessi avere cio
Che voglio gia da un po
Che sogno da quand’ero bambino
Se tu mi permettessi poi
Che riempia i giorni tuoi
Di emozioni e mille sorrisi
Se noi riuscissimo io e te
Ad accettare che
Diversi siamo meglio noi
Mi arrenderei
E solo chiederei
La luna io e te
Potrei girare un mondo che
Mi chiama verso se
Col fascino di un’avventura
Potrei passar le notti mie
Riempirle di follie
Conoscere decine di cuori
Potrei uscire o non uscir
Mangiare o non dormir
Ma so comunque che
Io solo chiederei la luna io e te
Try to alignE tu raccontami di te
Avrai tanti perche
Che chiedi da quand’eri bambina
E tu che cosa senti in me
Il mondo tuo com’e
E quante volte hai detto ti amo
Ma tu permetteresti che
Io ti dia tutto di me
Lo spero perche so che
Io solo chiederei la luna io e te

The Moon

If I could have see
That I want already from a
That dream from when i were a child
If you allowed me then
That he fills up the days yours
Of emotions and thousand smiles
If we riuscissimo I and you
To accept that
Various we are better
I would surrender
And I would only ask
The moon me and you...
I could turn a world that
It calls to me towards if
Col fascination of an adventure
I could pass to the nights mine
To fill up them of madnesses
To know tens of hearts
I could exit or not exit
To eat or not to sleep
But I know however that…
I would only ask the moon me and you...
And you tell me of you
You will have many because
That you ask from when i were a child
And you what feel in me
The world yours com'e
And how many times you have said I love you
But you would allow that
I give to you all of me
I hope because I know that
I would only ask the moon me and you

søndag den 19. maj 2013

And the winner is Denmark !! :D !!

- So last night it was the night of The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 !! :D !! And the winner of the contest was Denmark (My country !! :D !! ) - it was the AMAZING Danish singer Emmelie De Forest who won with the great song called "Only Teardrops" !! :D !! You can listen to the song and watch her performance from The Eurovision Song Contest at the video below !! :D !! So next year the contest will be held in my country Denmark !! :D !!

onsdag den 24. april 2013

Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

- Just found this GREAT article about the AMAZING and very talented singer Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

In the article Sophie talks about her debut album, and being Sir Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !!

- You can read the article about Sophie Hiller at the link below !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing one of her AMAZING songs called "Forget You" !! :D !! LOVE this song !! :D !!


tirsdag den 16. april 2013

The Voice UK series 2 episode 3 !! :D !!

- So if you don´t live in the AMAZING UK and can´t watch the Voice UK on TV then you can watch the episode 3 at the video below !! :D !! 

There is a lot of AMAZING talent !! :D !! One of my favourites from the episode was Elise !! :D !! She was AMAZING and I LOVED her song choice !! :D !! 

søndag den 7. april 2013

The Voice UK series 2 !!! Episode 2 :-D

- If you don´t live in the UK and can´t watch the Voice UK on the TV then you can at the video below watch episode 2 !! :D !!

It is a really good episode with a lot of talent !! :D !!

- I really LOVE Alys !! :D !! She is AMAZING and she is on TEAMTOM !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !!

mandag den 1. april 2013

Carlos Marín !! :D !!

I have listened to this song / video all day long !! :D !! I just can´t stop listen to it !! :D !!

- It is AMAZING !!!!!!

The video I have watched / listened to all day long is a video where the AMAZING and very POWERFUL Spanish singer Carlos Marín (member of IL DIVO) sings with Eponine (Kirby Navarro) before she dies in the FANTASTIC musical "Les Misérables" !!!! They are both AMAZING singers and I love the way they sing !!! It is so beautiful and emotional, because they are both fantastic singers and they both sing with such great emotion !!! The video is from 1993 where Carlos Marín played Marius in "Les Misérables" in Madrid !! :D !! Carlos Marín and Kirby Navarro makes this part from the fantastic musical so beautiful, amazing and emotional by the way they sing together !!! LOVE it !! <3 !!

Me and Mr Jones !! :D !!

I just found this AMAZING article called "Me and Mr Jones" with Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J !! :D !!

- In the article Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J talk about their GREAT friendship and how it is to be famous !!!
They also talk about the changes that have been made in the television program "The Voice UK" where they both are coaches !! :D !!

At the link below you can read the article "Me and Mr Jones" !! :D !!


The Voice UK series 2 !! :D !!

The first episode of the Voice UK series 2 was AMAZING !! :D !! 

- There was a lot of talent !!! AMAZING singers !!! I really liked Ash and Matt !! :D !! 

Tom, Jessie, Danny and Will were AMAZING and great !!! I LOVED the part where Tom sang one of his greatest hits "Green Green Grass of Hom" to one of the competitors' grandmother and after that he winked to her !! :D !! SO cute !! :D !! You are GREAT Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! 

- I also LOVED the coaches performance !! :D !! They are all AMAZING singers !! :D !! 

So if you didn´t watch the first episode of the Voice UK series 2 then you can watch it at the video below !! :D !! It is GREAT and FUNNY and there is a lot of talent !! :D !! 

lørdag den 30. marts 2013

The VOICE UK starts tonight !! :D !!

So tonight is a big and GREAT night because The VOICE UK series 2 starts !! :D !!

- It is with Danny, Tom, Jessie and Will again so it is going to be GREAT and AMAZING !! :D !!

So if you don´t live in the UK and can´t watch the Voice UK !!! Then you can get a "Tunnel Bear" and it is free !! :D !! The link below !! :D !! So if you get a Tunnel Bear you can watch the Voice UK !! :D !!

So what team are you on ?? !! :D !! I´m on TEAMTOM !! :D !! I can´t WAIT to see the Voice UK !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Danny, Tom, Jessie and Will singing together on the Voice UK !! :D!!

onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Hello from Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins !! :D !!

So The Greatest Hits tour 2013 has just started with Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins !! :D !!
- AMAZING !! :D !! 

The tour started in Poland and then to Berlin and so on !!! :) Last night they performed in Horsens in Denmark !! :D !! It was the first time I saw IL DIVO and Katherine Jenkins in real person !! :D !! They were AMAZING !! :D !! They are all such AMAZING singers with such powerful voices !! :D !!

- You LOVE Il Divo when you listen to them !!! But when you see them perform live and hear them sing live it gets to another level !! :D !! It is SO AMAZING !! :D !! It was a FANTASTIC show !! :D !!

- Katherine Jenkins was also AMAZING live !! :D !! She is an AMAZING singer !!!! :-)

- I will post many videos and pictures from the AMAZING concert later !! :D !!

At the link below you can see pictures from the concert, and read about the concert in Horsens !! :D !!

At the link below you can check the tour dates !! :D !! 

torsdag den 21. marts 2013

No Woman, No Cry !!!

- I just found this AMAZING verison of the AMAZING Bob Marley song "No Woman, No Cry" !! :D !!

This is a REALLY good version of this song !!! It is the AMAZING singer Katherine Jenkins (who is right now touring with the AMAZING IL DIVO) and then an another great singer called Cody Carey !!!

At the vidoes below you can listen to Katherine Jenkins´ and Cody Carey´ version of the song, and then Bob Marley himself singing his song !!! It is an AMAZING song !! :D !!

Katherine Jenkins and Cody Carey singing their version of the AMAZING Bob Marley song:

This is Bob Marley himself singing his AMAZING song "No Woman, No Cry" in 1979:

fredag den 15. marts 2013

News from the Voice UK 2013 !! :D !!

There has just been a press launch from the Voice UK series 2, 2013 !! :D !!

- Tom, Jessie, Will and Danny all looked AMAZING !! :D !!

I really liked Tom´ outfit !!! He looked very stylish, elegant and COOL !! :D !! This was done by Tom Jones´ really talented stylist Peter Hawker !!! I LOVE the way he styles Tom Jones, because it is always something new and interesting !!!! As I said TOM JONES always looks stylish, elegant and COOL !! :D !!

- At the vidoe below you can watch Tom, Jessie, Will and Danny at the press launch !! :D !!

The pictures below is from the press launch !! :D !! 


lørdag den 9. marts 2013

For The Good Times !! :D !!

I have listened to this AMAZING and soulful song all day long !!! The song is called "For The Good Times" by the AMAZING sing Al Green !! :D !!

- Al Green is an American gospel and soul singer !!! Some of his greatest hits are "Tired of Being Alone", "Let´s Stay Together", "I´m Still In Love With You", "You Ought to Be with Me" and "Love and Happiness" !! :D !! All AMAZING songs !! :D !!

- At the vidoe below you can watch Al Green perform the song "For The Good Times":

I also listen to his version of the AMAZING song called "A Change Is Gonna Come" and his version is pure GOSPEL and pure SOUL !!!!!! LOVE his version !!! :-) At the video below you can watch Al Green perform his version of the song "A Change Is Gonna Come" !! :D !!

- At the video below you can watch Al Green perform one of his GREATEST hits called "Let´s Stay Together" !! :D !! The video is from 2010 !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !!

If you want to see the AMAZING singer AL GREEN perform live then check out his tour schedule at the link below !! :D !!