mandag den 9. september 2013

News from A Musical Affair...

- The AMAZING group IL DIVO is releasing a new and AMAZING album called "A Musical Affair" - it is an album with songs from different musicals !!! - and they will be doing a show on Broadway in November !! :D !! Very exciting !! :D !!

- So today they have released one of the songs from the album - and that song is the AMAZING and SO beautiful song - from the musical "The Lion King" - called "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" !!! and they sing the song with the AMAZING and very talented singer Heather Headley.

- It is a song that is very well -known and there are many versions of this song, but I think this is the BEST and most AMZING and beautiful version of them all !!!!!!  IL DIVO always takes it to an another level !!! AMAZING !!!

At the link below you can listen to the song - from their new album !! :D !!

If you want to pre - order the album then you can do it at the link below - you can also pre - order a deluxe version - I did that and I can´t WAIT for the new album !!! I´m SO excited and I think that it is going to be an AMAZING and a very well produced album because IL DIVO are AMAZING !!!!!! At the link below you can also watch IL DIVO talking about their new album and that they are very excited about the album - and that they hope we will like it !! :D !! - WE LIKE IT VERY MUCH !! :D !!

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