onsdag den 5. juni 2013

This Is Love - Innocence - to the TOP !! :D !!

The AMAZING and very talented Spanish singer Innocence has a new AMAZING and great album out called "This Is Love" !!! - this is a great album, with a lot of AMAZING new and fresh songs !!! :D One of my favourite songs form the new album is a great song called "Houdini Girl" !!! :D 

Innocence is a FANTASTIC and very talented singer who can sing everything from opera to pop !!! The song "Houdini Girl" is a great pop - dance song where Innocence mixes it with some of her AMAZING opera tones !!! :D I think this mixture makes this album to something new and very interesting !!! 

If you like the album as much as I do then at the link below you can vote for Innocence and her new great album "This Is Love": 
At the video below you can watch a video of the making of the album - with Innocence herself and Carlos Marin (member of IL DIVO ) who is the executive producer of this great new album "This Is Love" !! :D !! 

At the two videos below you can watch and listen to two of the songs from the album !!! The first is "Houdini Girl" and the last one is "This Is Love" !! :D !! Great songs !! :D !! 

Houdini Girl !! :D !! 

This Is Love !! <3 !! 

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