onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Hello from Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins !! :D !!

So The Greatest Hits tour 2013 has just started with Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins !! :D !!
- AMAZING !! :D !! 

The tour started in Poland and then to Berlin and so on !!! :) Last night they performed in Horsens in Denmark !! :D !! It was the first time I saw IL DIVO and Katherine Jenkins in real person !! :D !! They were AMAZING !! :D !! They are all such AMAZING singers with such powerful voices !! :D !!

- You LOVE Il Divo when you listen to them !!! But when you see them perform live and hear them sing live it gets to another level !! :D !! It is SO AMAZING !! :D !! It was a FANTASTIC show !! :D !!

- Katherine Jenkins was also AMAZING live !! :D !! She is an AMAZING singer !!!! :-)

- I will post many videos and pictures from the AMAZING concert later !! :D !!

At the link below you can see pictures from the concert, and read about the concert in Horsens !! :D !!


At the link below you can check the tour dates !! :D !! 

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