mandag den 1. april 2013

The Voice UK series 2 !! :D !!

The first episode of the Voice UK series 2 was AMAZING !! :D !! 

- There was a lot of talent !!! AMAZING singers !!! I really liked Ash and Matt !! :D !! 

Tom, Jessie, Danny and Will were AMAZING and great !!! I LOVED the part where Tom sang one of his greatest hits "Green Green Grass of Hom" to one of the competitors' grandmother and after that he winked to her !! :D !! SO cute !! :D !! You are GREAT Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! 

- I also LOVED the coaches performance !! :D !! They are all AMAZING singers !! :D !! 

So if you didn´t watch the first episode of the Voice UK series 2 then you can watch it at the video below !! :D !! It is GREAT and FUNNY and there is a lot of talent !! :D !! 

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