torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

Trick Or Treat !! :D !!

- WuuuuuHHHHHuuuuuu !!!!!! - Just want to wish you all a SCARY and a HAPPY Halloween !! :D !! - and I found the perfect video for this event !!!! :D - at the video below you can watch COOOOL Tom Jones singing the song "Trick Or Treat" - REALLY COOOOOOL !! :D !! 

SO AMAZING !!! - HAVE to listen !!!

- Okay so as many of you know !!! IL DIVO is releasing a new album called "A Musical Affair" - and it will be released very SOON !! :D !! - SO excited I can´t WAIT to get the album !!! - but if you have ordered the deluxe version of the album - you will get it the 2th of December, because you will also get a DVD from the shows they are doing on Broadway in New York - this November !! :D !!

Some of the songs have been posted on YouTube - so you can listen to most of them or I actually think every song from the album is posted on You Tube !!! - and I have listened to all the songs - and the only thing I can say is WOW WOW WOW !!!!! :D - this album is a breath taking album - I absolutely LOVE every song that is one this AMAZING album !!! - but if I had to choose one or two favourites - then it would be "Memory", "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "You´ll Never Walk Alone" !!!

AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !!

At the video you can listen to some of the new songs from the new album:


"You´ll Never Walk Alone"

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight" 

søndag den 27. oktober 2013

NEW interview from the COOL Sir Tom Jones !! :D !!

- I just found this new interview with Tom Jones - the interview is from Tel - Aviv, Israel !! :D !! - in the interview there is some short clips from the concert that Tom Jones performed last night !! :D !!

- and in the interview Tom Jones comes with an important message !!! He is SO COOL and an AMAZING and a POWERFUL singer !! :D !!

At the link below you can watch the interview !!!

and at this link below their is also some short but good clips from the concert in Tel - Aviv !!!,7340,L-4445789,00.html

Enjoy !! :D !!

Tom Jones - "My Yiddishe Mama"

So Tom Jones is right now in Israel, Tel - Aviv where he is going to perform two concerts !!! - and yesterday he performed one of them, and they LOVE him !!! - it was a really successful concert - where he performed some of the old hits and some of the songs from the new albums "Praise & Blame" and "Spirit In The Room" !!!

He also sang the song "My Yiddishe Mama" - and he is known for his breath taken version of this amazing song !!! - as you can read on Wikipedia:

At the link below you can watch to Tom Jones performing the song in Tel - Aviv:

and at the other link you can watch Tom Jones performing the two songs "Hit Or Miss" and "She´s A Lady":



So IL DIVO just got back from their trip to Japan - where they performed some of their new songs from their new album called "A Musical Affair" for the first time  !! :D !! - and I think that all the Japanese fans LOVE the new album !!! - it was well - received in Japan !!! - so congratulations to IL DIVO with the successful trip to Japan !!! - Next stop for IL DIVO is New York - where they are ready to perform their new show on Broadway - where they will sing all the songs from their new album "A Musical Affair" - There are still a few tickets left - but NOT manny - so if you have time to go see them - DO it !!! - and buy the tickets NOW !! :D !! - unfortunately I can´t go myself, because I live in Denmark and it is too fare away - when you have to go to school !!! - but that is just how it is !!! - but hope that they come to Denmark very SOON !! :D !! - PLEASE do IL DIVO !! :D !!

At the link below you can see the dates for the Broadway shows and buy the tickets!!! 

When IL DIVO was in Japan they performed for the first time some of the new songs - and some of the songs was "Flowers Will Bloom" and "Memory" !!! - The first time I heart IL DIVO sing "Memory" - I fell in love with the song immediately !!! - I love the first part of the song - where Carlos sing: 
                    "Piano questi passi d´amore 
                     Sulla strada del cuore
                     Che mi porta da te 
                     Soffia il vento del tempo
                     Quanta notte che va 
                     Sempre qui ci troverà" 

It is breath taken and I could listen to this again and again - and I have done that haha !! :D !!  - their version of this song is SO powerful and they sing it with emotion - it is my favourite version of the song !!! - I can´t WAIT to hear the song on the album !!! - hope they sing this song at the Broadway Show - because I think it will sound AMAZING !!! 

At the link below you can watch IL DIVO perform the song "Memory" in Japan !! :D !! 

And if you want to preorder this AMAZING album "A Musical Affair" then go to the link below !!! 

onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

My favourite !!!!!!

I just found this AMAZING video on YouTube !! :D !!

- The video is with Tom Jones singing the Paul McCartney song called "(I Want To) Come Home" live in Hyde Park 2012 !! :D !! - The song is one of Tom´ new songs from his latest album called "Spirit In The Room" !!!! The album is AMAZING filled with beautiful, emotional, strong, powerful and soulful songs !!!!!! It is one of my favourite albums !!!!!!

- I LOVE Tom´ version of this AMAZING song !!! He sings this song with so much emotion and he takes the song to an another level !!! - It sound so real, beautiful and soulful when he sings this song  !!! He is the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

A little piece of Heaven !! :D !! WOW WOW WOW !!!!

OMG OMG OMG & WOW WOW WOW - that is all I can say !! :D !!

- I just found this great video where you can hear a little piece of every new song from IL DIVO´ new album called "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! - and WOW every song sounds AMAZING !!! I have no words - every song is  breathtaking !!! - and it is not just something I say, because I LOVE Il DIVO so much - no I really mean it !!! - It sounds AMAZING - I have to say this !!!  IL DIVO have done it again - they have made a FANTASTIC album !! :D !! - I think this is going to be my favourite IL DIVO album !! :D !! - You can listen to all the new songs at the link below !! :D !!

Video - A little piece of every new song !!!

The guys just did a video chat on Ustream !! :D !! - I think it is SO COOL that they do it !! :D !! - it is SO great that they take time to do the live video chats !! :D !! - it just shows how much they appreciate us fans !! :D !! - and it means SO much to us fans - so THANKS IL DIVO for doing it !! :D !! - you are great !! :D !!

- and I´m a great fan of Sir Tom Jones - and that is Carlos too - and I love that Carlos always mentions Tom Jones in every video chat !! :D !! - SO COOL !! :D !!  - At the link below you can watch the video chat - it is really funny to watch !! :D !!

IL DIVO - video chat 2013

- and right now in this moment the guys are flying to Japan - because of the new album "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! <3 - Wish you all a safe and a great trip !! :D !! - and I just want to say to all the fans in Japan - you are so lucky to have IL DIVO in Japan - enjoy !! :D !!