onsdag den 27. juni 2012

My BIGGEST Dream Came True !! :D !!

I can´t believe what an AMAZING day I have had !! :D !! This day has been the BEST day of my life !! :D !! I can´t believe I have met all those AMAZING people !! :D !! Thank you SO much !! :D !! It was SO nice and AMAZINg to meet you Sophie Hiller and Elsie LC !! :D !! And I can´t believe that my BIGGEST dream came true !!!!! I met Sir Tom Jones  !! :D !! Thank you SO much for an unforgettable day !! :D !! See you tomorrow at the concert in The Funen Village, Odense, Denmark !! :D !!

They were all SO nice !! :D !!

mandag den 25. juni 2012


Today, it is Sophie Hillers birthday !! :D !! Happy Birthday too you SOPHIE !! :D !!

Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday dear Sophie !
Happy Birthday to you !

I hope you will have an AMAZING day !! :D !!

Sophie Hiller is a professional singer and also Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !! I think she is an AMAZING singer with an AMAZING voice !! :D !!
I can´t wait to the Tom Jones concert the 28 of June in the Funen Village, Odense, Denmark !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing one of her songs called "Forget You" by Sophie Hiller !! :D !! It is a rally good song, if you REALLY like it you can buy it on iTunes !! :D !!

fredag den 22. juni 2012

Traveling Shoes !!!

Today, I was listening to the song called "Traveling Shoes" from Tom Jones´ AMAZING new album "Spirit In The Room" !!! :D This is a REALL good and COOL song !!! :D

I tried to sing the song !!! just for fun, because I think that it is a REALLY good song !! :D !!
At the video (my first YouTube video) you can hear me singing the song "Traveling Shoes" !! :D !! and the other video is Tom Jones singing the song "Traveling Shoes" !! :D !!

torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

I just been listening to some of the AMAZING songs by Sophie Hiller !!! :)

Sophie Hiller is a professional singer, and she is also Tom Jones´ background singer !!! :)
Sophie Hiller has an AMAZING voice a unique voice she is a really good singer !!! :)

I can´t wait to the Tom Jones concert the 28 of June, in The Funen Village only 2 min. from my house !! :D !! in Odense, Denmark   !!! :)

At the videos below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing some of her AMAZING songs (These are my two favourite songs by Sophie Hiller :) )  !!! :)

                            Video 1. Sophie Hiller singin "Forget You" by Sophie Hiller

Video 2. Sophie Hiller singing "Never Meant To Fall" by Sophie Hiller

onsdag den 20. juni 2012

ELSIE !! :D !!

I REALLY REALLY LOVE the song called "Far From Perfect" by Elsie !!! :) It is such a beautiful and touching song !!! :D
Elsie is a professional singer and she is also Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !! I think she is a REALLY good singer and that she has a unique voice !!! :)

I can´t wait to the 28 of June !!! The 28 of June I´m going to the Tom Jones concert in the city I live in, Odense in Denmark !! Can´t wait !!! :D See you Elsie !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Elsie singing her song called "Far From Perfect" !!! :) A really AMAZING song !!! :)

This is Elsie with one of her new songs called "London Town: How To Get Famous" !!! :)
The videos are really COOL and funny !!!! :D and the song is also REALLY good !! :D !!

At the videos below you can watch Elsie and listen to her new song !!! :)  

Never thought !!! :D

Okay !!! I NEVER thought that the video my friend posted on YouTube would get 248 views and 5 likes  !! :D !! Okay I know that doesn´t sound a lot, but I´m also just a girl from little Odense, Denmark  !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch me singing the Bruno Mars song called "Count On Me" at my sisters confirmation !!! :D

Tom Jones & Fashion !!! :)

Tom Jones has had a lots of different styiles in his long career !! :D !!

At the links and video below you can watch and read about Tom Jones & fashion !! :D !!

 -    How I Get Dressed: Singer Sir Tom Jones

 -    Tom Jones Creates Fashion Waves On The high Street

Houseboat !! :D !!

If you miss to watch a REALLY good and AMAZING movie with some AMAZING actors !! :D !!
Then you should watch the movie called "Houseboat" with the two AMAZING actors CARY GRANT & SOPHIA LOREN !! :D !!

This is such a good and cute movie to watch !!! :)

The movie is about Cary Grant who plays the father, have to take care of his children, because his wife died in a car accident. He takes the children to the city, and then one of the children gets lost in the city, and then Sophia Loren finds the little boy, and bring him home !!! The children loves her, and they want her to be their nanny !!! Sophia Loren becomes their nanny, and they move out to a houseboat and lives there !!! The nanny brings the family together again, and the nanny and the father start to gets feelings for each other !!!
And then you have to watch the movie yourself to see the end !!! :D

At the video below you can watch the trailer for the movie !!! I hope you like the movie !!! :)

lørdag den 16. juni 2012


I just saw the most AMAZING shoes !!! :D The shoes are from my favourite brand CHANEL !! <3 !! 
The shoes are CHANEL espadrilles !!! :D OH MY GOD they are SO COOL !!! :D and they are not so expensive !!!! They costs like 2000 Danish kr. !!! I´m SO sad that the CHANEL store in Copenhagen closed !! :( !!

I have to find these CHANEL espadrilles some where !! :D !!

At the picture below you can see the AMAZING CHANEL espadrilles !! :D !!

J´adore CHANEL !! <3 !!

Music Video !!! :D

As you may know Team Tom won the Voice UK !! :D !! It was Leanne from team Tom who won the Voice UK with the AMAZING and POWERFUL Whitney Houston song "Run To You" !! :D !!

Her music video with "Run To You" has just been released !!!! :D I think the music video is really good !!! Leanne looks AMAZING and she sounds AMAZING !!! :) I think Tom is REALLY proud of her !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Leanne´ new music video with the song "Run To You" by Whitney Houston !!! :) I hope you like it !!! I do !!! :D

søndag den 10. juni 2012

La Vie En Rose !!! :)

The song "La Vie En Rose" is such a lovely and beautiful song !!! :) I really LOVE this song, and Louis Armstrong sings and plays the song SO beautifuly !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Louis Armstrong singing and playing the song "La Vie En Rose" !!! :) I hope you like the video !!! :) I do !!! :)

fredag den 8. juni 2012

Tom performing !!! :D

So Tom´ first performance as 72 was on his birthday and that means the 7 of June !!!! Which was YESTERDAY !!! :D He is SO COOL !! :D !!

At the link below you can watch him performing one of his greatest hits "SEXBOMB" !! :D !! I hope you enjoy !!!! :)

Tom Jones performing in Bratislava !! :D !!

torsdag den 7. juni 2012



Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday dear Tom !
Happy birthday to you !

Tom Jones was born the 7 of June in 1940, so today he turns 72 !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! He is 72 and he has SO much success !! :D !!

Dear Tom I hope you will have an AMAZING day with AMAZING people !! :D !!

I cant wait to see you at the concert in my city Odense, Denmark !! :D !!

At the picture below you can see Tom, his friend, Elsie and Sophie !! :D !! They are celebrating Tom´ birthday today !! :D !!

onsdag den 6. juni 2012


REMEMBER !!!!!! Tomorrow is a VERY VERY important day !!!!!! Tomorrow it is SIR TOM JONES´ birthday !!! He will turn 72 the 7 of June !!!!! :D It is funny everytime it is Tom´ birthday I alwayas have to go to an english exam !!! :) I don´t know why ?? :) Tom´ birthday and my english exam are always at the same time !!!! I think that is funny !!! :) So tomorrow it will be Tom´ birthday and I will take my english exam !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Tom singing "If You Need Me" !!! :) I hope you enjoy !!! :)


Tom & the Queen in pictures !!! :-)

There are SO many good pictures with the Queen and Tom Jones from the Diamond Jubilee concert !!!! :) On the pictures you can see that they really enjoy each others company, they talk and they laugh with each other !!! You can also see on the pictures that Tom is REALLY proud to be there and to know the Queen of the UK !!!! :) You can see the pictures below with Tom and the Queen !!!! :) I hope you enjoy !!! :)

Ruth Brown !!!

I was sitting with my computer, and I was listening to Tom Jones from the concert for the Queen of the UK on YouTube !!! Suddenly I see this video with the singer Ruth Brown, and I am thinking of the Ruth Brown from the Voice UK, but it was not her !!! This Ruth Brown is an AMAZING singer !!! She can really sing, and Tom Jones also compares the Ruth Brown from the Voice UK to this Ruth Brown !!! They also sound very similar !!!! :) They are both REALLY great singers !!!! :)

At the videos below you can watch the old Ruth Brown singing !!! :) I hope you enjoy !!! :)

tirsdag den 5. juni 2012

Tom and the queen !!! :)

So last night was the big concert for the queen of UK, because og her 60 Diamond Jubilee !! :D !! it was an AMAZING and SO POWERFUK concert !!! All the AMAZING singers from all around the UK came to sing for the people of the UK and for the queen !!! :)

I watch the concert on my TV in Odense, in Denmark, with my father !!! and we thought that is was an AMAZING concert !!!! :)

I must say that the BEST performance of the night was Sir Tom Jones !!!! and I´m not just saying that because I´m a great fan of Tom !!! I really thought that he gave his all, and he gave the most AMAZING, STRONG, and SO POWERFUL performance !!!! And when he sang Delilah all the people at the concert sang with him even the royal people !!!! You can really hear that Delilah is like a second national song for the UK !!!!! Tom sang just before the queen arrived to the concert, and you can say that Tom warmed up for the queen !!!!

I thought that Paul MCcartney was disappointing, I thought he didn´t gave his all, and he didn´t sang very well !!! but I really thought that Shirley Bassey and Stevie Wonder were REALLY good !!!! :)

At the end og the concert the queen came to the stage and she stood right in front of Tom Jones, and I thought it was SO cute, because Tom looked SO happy, and they talket and laughed together at the stage !!! :) and when they sang the national song the queen could really hear the song, because she was standing in front og Tom who was singing the national song !!! and he has a REALLY POWERFUL voice !! :D !! Tom also got a little emotional, he cryed a little bit, I think he was VERY proud to be there !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones´ performance from the concert last night !!! :) I hope you enjoy !!! :)  I do !!! :)

New COOL Tom Picture !!!! :D

Have you all see the new COOL picture of the AMAZING and COOL Tom Jones !! :D !!

mandag den 4. juni 2012

Tom Jones having fun !!!! :)

Tom was having a blast at the finale of the Voice UK !!!! :) He was performing with his AMAZING and POWERFUL singer Leanne with the song "Mama Told Me Not To Come" one of his big hits !!! :) and then he performed with the other coaches from the Voice UK where they sang a medley with there greates hits !!! :) and at the performance with the coaches Tom danced a little dance with coach Jessie J !! :D !!

And at last he won the Voice UK as a coach !! :D !! Team Tom won the Voice UK !! :D !!

At the videos below you can watch Tom Jones having a BLAST at the Voice UK finale !! :D !!

The winner Leanne !!!! :D

So the winner of the Voice UK is Team Tom = Powerful voices !!!!!! The AMAZING and POWERFUL singer Leanne is such an AMAZING singer !!!!! and when she sang the amazing song "Run to you" Tom and Jessie cryed because it was SO beautiful !!! I almost cryed too !!! ;)
At the last Voice show Leanne sang three AMAZING and very POWERFUL songs !!!! She sang "It´s a Mans World" by James Brown, and then she sang with the AMAZING Tom Jones "Mama Told Me Not To Come" one of Tom´ big hits !!! and then at last she sang the AMAZING og SO POWERFUL song "Run To You" by Whitney Houston !!! Leanne was so AMAZING and so POWERFUL !!!!

She was and is a true winner of the Voice UK, because she has the VOICE!!!!!! :)

If you live in the UK you can download Leanne´ winner song "Run To You" !!! :)

At the videos below you can watch Leanne from the voice singing all the AMAZING and POWERFUL songs !!!!! :) I hope you will enjoy !!!! I do !!!! :)

lørdag den 2. juni 2012

Winner !!!!!

Team Tom with Sir Tom Jones and Leanne are the winners of the Voice UK !!!!!!! YES !!!!!! :D that is so COOL !!!! Leanne you will be and is a great singer just like Tom Jones !! :D !!
Will post a video tomorrow with Tom and Leanne !!! :D

Vote NOW !!!!

If you live in the UK then VOTE for the AMAZING Leanne from Team Tom !!!!!! VOTE NOW !!!!! She sings amazingly !!!!!!