mandag den 23. juli 2012

The dancing man !! :D !!

The dancing man to a Tom Jones concert !! :D !!

Just Dance !! :D !!

Just got Just Dance 3 and it is a REALLY funny game !! :D !! My sister and I play it all the time !! :D !!

Just found this on YouTube !! :D !! Tom Jones on Just Dance !! :D !! REALL good !! :D !!

søndag den 22. juli 2012

The 22 of July 2012 !! :D !!

Today, it is my BIRTHDAY !! :D !! So now I´m 17 years - old !! :D !!

And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the AMAZING fashion designer the man who designs the BEST and most AMAZING dresses !! :D !! The King of dresses !! :D !! Oscar de la Renta !! :D !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! :D !!

And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the AMAZING people who has birthday the 22 of July !! :D !!

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012

WON !! :D !!

OH MY GOD !! :D !! My sister and I just found out that we won the Tom Jones Hit Or Miss competition !! :D !! We are SO happy !! :D !! We can' t wait to see SIR TOM JONES live in Hyde Park in LONDON the 28 of July !! :D !! It is AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING day !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch the video my sister and I did for the Tom Jones Hit Or Miss competition !! :D !!


Here are some pictures from yesterday' shoppingday with my sister in the city, Florence !! :D !! 

foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  

foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  

foto.JPG  foto.JPG  

mandag den 16. juli 2012

Sophie Hiller !!!!

YES !! :D !! New video from Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

AMAZING song !! :D !! I REALLY love this song, and Sophie sounds AMAZING !! :D !! AMAZING voice !!! :)

The song Sophie Hiller is singing is a song from her forthcomming album. The song is called "Never Got Over You" !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing "Never Got Over You" !!!


Today, My sister and I went shopping in the city, Florence !! :D !!

We went to all the nice shops, like Chanel and Fendi, but we were only looking there !!! :) Then we went to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum !!! At this museum you could see all the AMAZING shoes, and you could also see all Marilyn Monroe'  shoes and dresses from her life !! :D !! It was AMAZING !! :D !! We saw her famous white dress, and the dress she wore when she sang Happy Birthday to the president !!! It was SO AMAZING !! :D !! If you have not been there you should go !!! It is really AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! It is a museum for a true fashion lover !!!! :)

Then we went for some more shopping and to Hard Rock Café, where my sister got one of there famous t - shirts !!! :)

It was a really nice shoppingday in the city, Florence !! :D !!

Below, there are some pictures from the shoppingday !! :D !!

foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG
    foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG


This is the view from my aunt' house !! :D !! LOVE Florence !! :D !! SUMMER !! :D !!


søndag den 15. juli 2012


Took the train from Milan to Florence, the city where my aunt lives !!! :D Nice to have an aunt who lives in Italy !! :D !! 

Wish I could stay a little bit longer in Milan !!! Because I LOVE that city !!! The FASHION city !!! :D But I'm also VERY happy to be in Florence !! :D !! Just got the BEST pizza EVER !! :D !! 

It is SO nice to see my family in Italy again !! :D !! I have missed them SO much !!! 

Shopping tomorrow !! :D !! First stop CHANEL and FENDI my favourites !! :D !! Not that I can buy anything there, but I LOVE to look !! :D !! 

And them I'm just going to eat a lot of VERY good italien food and enjoy the SUMMER !! :D !! 

foto.JPG    foto.JPG    foto.JPG
PIZZA !! :D !!                   The train station i Milan !! :D !!            Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola light !! :D !! 


Me and my littlesister are now in Milan !! :D !! LOVE Milan !! :D !! Next Stop Florence !! :D !! Can't wait !! :D !! Going to eat pizza tonight !! :D !!

torsdag den 12. juli 2012

Hit Or Miss competition !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch the video my sister and I did for the Hit Or Miss competition !! :D !! Hope you like it !! :D !!