tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Every song is GOOD !!! Hey hey hey...

I just got Robin Thicke´ album that has the VERY known title "Blurred Lines" !! :D !!

- I was very SURPRISEDabout this album !! :D !! - It is NOT just the very known song "Blurred Lines" that is good - NO - it is EVERY song on the album that is GOOD !! :D !! - and then something else Robin Thicke is an AMAZING and a VERY talented singer !! :D !! I just say WOW to this album, because it is a REALLY COOL and a GOOD album !! :D !!

At the videos below you can listen to my favourite songs from the album !! :D !!

The song "Blurred Lines"

The song "The Good Life"


The song "For The Rest Of My Life"

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