onsdag den 24. juli 2013

If you didn´t see !! :D !!

IL DIVO just performed at the festival called "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia !! :D !! - and if you couldn´t be at the festival then you could watch it live from the festival on the computer !! :D !! But if you didn´t watched it on the computer then you can watch it at the two videos below !! :D !!  

IL DIVO AMAZING as always and they sang three songs at the festival !! :D !! 

The Three Songs:

1. "Can´t Help Falling In Love" 

2. "My Way"

3. "Heroe" 

All nice songs !! :D !! 

You can watch IL DIVO perform the three songs at the videos below !! :D !! The first video is with two of the songs (Can´t Help Falling In Love and My Way) and the last video is with the last song (Heroe) !! :D !! 

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