lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

A little piece of Heaven !! :D !! WOW WOW WOW !!!!

OMG OMG OMG & WOW WOW WOW - that is all I can say !! :D !!

- I just found this great video where you can hear a little piece of every new song from IL DIVO´ new album called "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! - and WOW every song sounds AMAZING !!! I have no words - every song is  breathtaking !!! - and it is not just something I say, because I LOVE Il DIVO so much - no I really mean it !!! - It sounds AMAZING - I have to say this !!!  IL DIVO have done it again - they have made a FANTASTIC album !! :D !! - I think this is going to be my favourite IL DIVO album !! :D !! - You can listen to all the new songs at the link below !! :D !!

Video - A little piece of every new song !!!

The guys just did a video chat on Ustream !! :D !! - I think it is SO COOL that they do it !! :D !! - it is SO great that they take time to do the live video chats !! :D !! - it just shows how much they appreciate us fans !! :D !! - and it means SO much to us fans - so THANKS IL DIVO for doing it !! :D !! - you are great !! :D !!

- and I´m a great fan of Sir Tom Jones - and that is Carlos too - and I love that Carlos always mentions Tom Jones in every video chat !! :D !! - SO COOL !! :D !!  - At the link below you can watch the video chat - it is really funny to watch !! :D !!

IL DIVO - video chat 2013

- and right now in this moment the guys are flying to Japan - because of the new album "A Musical Affair" !! :D !! <3 - Wish you all a safe and a great trip !! :D !! - and I just want to say to all the fans in Japan - you are so lucky to have IL DIVO in Japan - enjoy !! :D !!

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