torsdag den 31. januar 2013

La Vida Sin Amor !!! :)

On the video below you can watch the AMAZING Il DIVO perform one of their new AMAZING songs called "La Vida Sin Amor" !! :D !! Great video and AMAZING voices !! :D !! AMAZING singers !!!!!! :) 

Does He Love Me !! :D !!

A new AMAZING and great video from the AMAZING singer Sophie Hiller !! :D !!
On the video she sings the beautiful song called "Does He Love Me" !! :D !!

AMAZING voice and GREAT video !! :D !! Watch the video below !! :D !!

torsdag den 24. januar 2013

IL DIVO !!!!

LOVE IL DIVO !! :D !! They are AMAZING singers !! :D !! My favourite from the group is Carlos Marin !! :D !! REALLY AMAZING singers all of them !! :D !!

One of my favourite performances are "Time To Say Goodbye" and "I Believe In You" where they are singing with the AMAZING Celine Dion !!! :) 

If you want to hear the songs and to see them perform, then you can watch the videos below !! :D !! The first video is "Time To Say Goodbye" and the last one is "I Believe In You" !! :D !!  

lørdag den 19. januar 2013

VOTE NOW !! :D !!

If you LOVE the Voice UK and think that it is the BEST talent TV - show EVER !! :D !! Then you can vote on the link below !! :D !!

tirsdag den 15. januar 2013

A Winter Wonderland !! :D !!

It is snowing a LOT in Denmark right now !! :D !! Right now Denmark is a beautiful white Winter Wonderland !! :D !!

Just for fun !!! :) at the link below you can listen to Tom Jones singing the song "Winter Wonderland" !! :D !!

mandag den 14. januar 2013

a COOL NEW song !! :D !!

This is a new song called "ON MY OWN" by Robbie Williams and my favourite singer Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! I think this is a REALLY COOL song !! :D !! Listen to the song at the video below !! :D !!

Pizza !! :D !!

Last Friday I made a Jamie Oliver pizza for my family !! :D !!

Golden Globes 2013

At Vogue you can see all the beautiful dresses and the best dressed !! :D !!

søndag den 13. januar 2013