tirsdag den 6. november 2012

Tom Jones BBC 4 Sessions !! :D !!

This is the full concert of BBC 4 Sessions with the AMAZING and POWERFUL singer Sir Tom Jones !! :D !!
Today, America is voting for their new president, and here is a video from Obama, a video where he sings a little song, LOVE to the people !! <3 !! He actually sings very well !! :D !!

mandag den 5. november 2012


This song is SO COOL !! :D !! Tom Jones singing the COOL song called "LOOK AT GRANNY RUN RUN" !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones singing the song "LOOK AT GRANNY RUN RUN" !! :D !!

A beautiful song !!!!!! :)

LOVE this song, Tom Jones singing the beautiful song called "You´re My World" !! :D !! A really beautiful song, and love the way Tom Jones´ sings it with such emotion !!! :)

At the video below you can watch the two videos where Tom Jones is singing the same song called "You´re My World" !! :D !! I like them both !! :D !!

That Lucky Old Sun !! :D !!

LOVE this beautiful song that Tom Jones is singing called "That Lucky Old Sun", it is such a beautiful song, and LOVE the way that Tom Jones sings the song !!!!!! :)

At the video below you can watch the video where Tom Jones sings the song "That Lucky Old Sun" !! :D !!


Just LOVE this song "Hey Pocky Way" that the AMAZING singer Sir Tom Jones sings !! :D !! The song always makes me happy !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones singing the song "Hey Pocky Way" !! :D !!

Harrods + Christmas 2012 !! :D !!

The AMAZING HARRODS has just turned on their chritmas lights !! :D !! It is AMAZING !! :D !!

Harrods + Christmas + London !! :D !! = AMAZING !! :D !!

At the pictures below you can see Harrods with the lights on !! :D !! Really beautiful !! :D !!

  Harrods, lighted up for Christmas, london    Fireworks explode during the switch on of Harrods Christmas Lights on November 1, 2012 in London, England.

Dimming Of The Day !!!!!!

If you haven´t listen to Tom Jones´ newest album "Spirit In The Room" then you have to do it, because it is such an AMAZING album !! :D !! It is my favourite album !! :D !!

At the video below you can listen to one of the songs from the album, the song is called "Dimming Of The Day" it is a really beautiful song, and I love the way that Tom Jones sings the song, and the way you can hear his AMAZING powerful voice !! :D !!

TV - Series

If you want to watch a REALLY good TV - Series from the start to the end, then you HAVE to watch the AMAZING Australian TV - Series called "McLeod's daughters" !! :D !! It is an EXCITED, AMAZING TV - series !! :D !! You HAVE to see it !!!!!
and it is some good music and some REALLY good actors !! :D !!


COOL !! :D !!

This is a COOL video of Sir Tom Jones, you have to watch it !! :D !! You can watch the video at the link below !! :D !!


lørdag den 3. november 2012

My Chanel designs because j'adore Chanel !!!!!!

The drawings below are some of my designs I drew on a drawing/painting program on my IPad !! :D !!