søndag den 29. marts 2015

The dream holiday !!!

Just got home from an AMAZING and let me say this again an AMAZING holiday !!!!

I was on holiday on the island called Sal, Cape Verde. At first when my friend and I arrived at the airport on Sal we were very skeptical because the weather was not the best (it was gray and very windy that day - but it was very sunny and nice weather the rest of the week :-D). Then we got on the bus and on our way to the hotel and OMG what a PARADISE we arrived at !!! The hotel was RIU FUNANÀ a ***** star hotel !!! The staff were very welcoming and greeted us with a smile and fresh juice. From the beginning my friend and I loved the hotel !!! At the reception we got the all inclusive bracelet - very nice :-) 

I have never experienced a holiday that has been so relaxing !!! The food was fresh, the rooms were super clean and the entertainment that was there every night was AMAZING - My favourite entertainment night was when the theme was "Cabo Verde" because you got to see their national- dances, food, fashion and etc. which was very nice !!! The staff at the hotel were AMAZING they really make you feel welcome. They were always smiling and would say "hello" or "hola" to you every time they walked past you !!! - Everything was top quality !!! The motto at the hotel was: "No more stress" - which is now my favourite motto !! :D !! The beach was also a PARADISE !!! I have never seen a more beautiful beach then this !!! 

I have never been to a place that was so positive and AMAZING !!! So if you want an AMAZING and relaxing holiday with "No more stress" then I would recommend RIU FUNANÀ Hotel and Resort ***** !! :D !!