mandag den 1. april 2013

Carlos Marín !! :D !!

I have listened to this song / video all day long !! :D !! I just can´t stop listen to it !! :D !!

- It is AMAZING !!!!!!

The video I have watched / listened to all day long is a video where the AMAZING and very POWERFUL Spanish singer Carlos Marín (member of IL DIVO) sings with Eponine (Kirby Navarro) before she dies in the FANTASTIC musical "Les Misérables" !!!! They are both AMAZING singers and I love the way they sing !!! It is so beautiful and emotional, because they are both fantastic singers and they both sing with such great emotion !!! The video is from 1993 where Carlos Marín played Marius in "Les Misérables" in Madrid !! :D !! Carlos Marín and Kirby Navarro makes this part from the fantastic musical so beautiful, amazing and emotional by the way they sing together !!! LOVE it !! <3 !!

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