søndag den 7. december 2014

Make Awareness - HOPE for Isla & Jude !!!

The singer Sebastien Izambard (Il Divo) has with other singers recorded a charity single - called "This Woman's Work" !!! The charity single has been made to raise awareness about Sanfilippo syndrome. This is a genetic disorder and there is not a cure - yet !!! The two beautiful children Isla and Jude - who are sister and brother -  have the genetic disorder Sanfilippo syndrom !!! They deserve a chance and they deserve a cure !!! - Please watch and share the video called "HOPE for Isla and Jude" so there can be raised awareness about the genetic disorder Sanfilippo syndrom.

Please share, donate and download the charity song at the link below:

It's important to raise awareness !!! 

onsdag den 29. oktober 2014

I Believe In You

This is my cover of the duet that Il Divo and Celine Dion did with the beautiful song "I Believe in You" - I love this song !!! <3

For more covers go to my YouTube channel:

mandag den 22. september 2014

My drawing !! :D !!

I have just finished my drawing of Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! - At the below you can see that I have posted my drawing and the picture I was drawing after :-D 

mandag den 1. september 2014

New versions from TJ !!!

I have just been to two Tom Jones concerts in Denmark. It was in Randers and in Odense and yes I say it again it was AMAZING !! :D !! - two of the BEST days EVER !! :D !!

One thing I noticed at the two concerts was that beside the new AMAZING and very cool version of "Delilah" there were also new versions of the two old hits "It's Not Unusual" and "Sexbomb". WOW I LOVE those new versions of the two old hits they were SO good !!! I can't stop listen to the two new versions because they are SO FRESH  !!!

- So if you're in a sad mood you should really listen two the new version of "It's Not Unusual" there's a lot of rhythm and swing in the new version !! :D !! and the new version of "Sexbomb" is also SO cool !!! It starts very slow and then it ends with a lot of swing and power !! :D !!

I really think it would be great if Tom did an album with all the new versions of his old hits, because they are so good and fresh !!! It would be SO COOL !!!

At the two videos below you can listen to the two new versions of "It's Not Unusual" and "Sexbomb" - Hope you like the new versions of the two old hits as much as I do !!! The videos are from the concerts in Odense.

"It's Not Unusual": 


lørdag den 30. august 2014

The review of the Tom Jones concert in Odense !! :D !!

Tom Jones just been in Denmark, where he performed two AMAZING concerts in Randers and Odense. Both concerts were sold out and both concerts got AMAZING reviews !! :D !!

Here is the review from the concert he and his band did in Odense the 28th of August. The concert got 6 out of 6 stars - that means full house to Tom Jones and his COOL band !! :D !!

It was an AMAZING concert !! :D !! - My friends, my sister and I were at the front row and as Tom Jones always says: "We had a BALL" !! :D !!

I have made a translation of the review from the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. The review is written by the Danish journalist Simon Staun - Here it is: 

The review: 

Tom Jones gave an impressive show of professionalism and presence in the Funen Village in 2012. Thursday night he surpassed that feat with the concert of the year in the Funen Village in a sold-out frame

Being a reviewer may be the easiest job when you as today only have to turn the bucket of superlatives out of the keyboard and put them together so they make sense. For two years, I have been very upset that Tom Jones "only" got five stars after a scorching performance in the Funen Village in 2012.

Fortunately, the now 74-year-old singer decided that the Funen audience should not only be treated with a show of the same calibre. It should be left with the feeling that what they were witnessing was decidedly unnatural.

Forget Cohen, Dylan, Sting and the top international names that have filled the King's garden, The Meadow and particular the Funen Village. Whether they got from here to eternity, they would not match the vocal style and incomparable ability to captivate the audience, that Tom Jones has grown in more than 50 years and refined, not at least during his long stay in Las Vegas. I think you have to change the comparison of the word professional, so in the future it is called: "Professional, more professional, Tom Jones."

In an interview with the newspaper before the last concert he told how he always tries to imagine himself in every song. Every night. It may sound like a cliché, but the fact is that Tom Jones sings evergreens like "Green Green Grass of Home" and "Never Fall In Love Again" with an awe empathy and an unprecedented presence. As if it was the first time he sang the songs in front of an audience. The authenticity is priceless.

Roaring flames

Just like last time the concert initiated with "Burning Hell", which charted a new course for Tom Jones' career in 2010 with the album  "Praise and Blame". An album in which he delves into spiritualism and wraps himself in gospel and blues. It is almost only Johnny Cash, who equally has redefined himself in such an advanced age. But while Cash sang himself into the grave does Tom jones the opposite, he roars up from it with a vitality, life force and brutality that is unparalleled.

The vocals in the song "Burning Hell" starts as a soft crackle and ends up as a roaring blaze where a demonic enthusiastic Tom Jones indicates that he and the nine-piece band is going to burn The Funen Village to the ground.

The setlist is a clever medley of classics, the best songs from the elders releases and a handful of new songs, which will be published this Autumn. Among Lonnie Johnson's "Tomorrow Night". A wistful country blues song that fits perfectly into a deep blue sky in August, indicates that there is a country-based album in store.

Smack on the guitar

During his professional career Tom Jones has been working with almost everybody from the music industry. The musical flirtation with Jack White was reflected in the song "Evil", which is a reinterpretation of an ancient Howlin 'Wolf number. You can clearly hear Jack White's importance to the guitar sound, and guitarist Robbie McIntosh shows once again why he is the pivotal point in the excellent ensemble. There is so much power on the guitar and it is so good that I have to lean on the person that is standing beside me so I don't crash to the ground.

The band is among the best, if not the best I've heard in the Funen Village. Constant the musicians surprise with their choice of instruments as "Delilah" opens with accordion and accompanied by supple mariachi trumpets. "It's Not Unusual" is an unusual rhythmic playgroup where bassist and drummer takes the lead while the brass section rattles, ticks, and knock everything within reach. They all have the space to show their talent and reverse the concert with Robert Plant in June; the many unexpected features only give a positive influence on the songs and the mood of the audience.

An aboveground concert

If my wife left me for a man of 74, I would be speechless and ashamed. Unless it was Tom Jones. He still has a charisma that can thaw icebergs up. As well as his look in his eyes that can gaze tires of a Fiat Punto. The sexy twinkle in his eye should not be overruled; the power may be one of the reasons why you can provide such a show when it says 1940 on the birth certificate.

If Tom Jones chose to make three in a row in the Funen Village, I am definitely going. Although age at some point have to make a dent in his vocal strength. But as he sings in the religious gospel encore "Strange Things", sometimes there are more things between heaven and earth than we mortals comprehend; As this concert. It was sovereign and glorious heavenly ! 

tirsdag den 5. august 2014

Vacation !! :D !!

Just got home from Alcudia, Mallorca !! :D !! Been there for 7 days and it was like being in PARADISE !!! - I miss it SO much !!

I just want to go back right NOW !

- if you have been to Alcudia, Mallorca you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't you should really consider it as the place for your next holiday, because WOW it is really truly lovely !!! - a little pice of heaven !!!

The beach is the BEST part of Alcudia, Mallorca !!! - because the sand is SO white (and the good thing is that there are NO stones in the sand it is pure sand !!! :D) the sea has the most amazing and beautiful turquoise color and the water is SO clear that you can see the seabed WOW WOW WOW and OMG !! :D !! HEAVEN !! :D !! At the beach there were sunbeds and parasols you could use if you payed for it, that means that every day a very nice beach guy walks around and makes sure that you pay for the sunbeds and the parasols !!! - You can reserve them for 14 days or more and then you don't have to get up early in the morning !!! - that is VERY nice !! :D !!

I lived on a 4 star hotel called Eden Playa and it was with all-inclusive !!! The hotel was SO good, and I really don't understand why it doesn't have 5 starts because it felt like living in a 5 star hotel !!! - The rooms are SO nice !!! Nice rooms and big bathrooms and it is super clean !!! The standard is on its highest !!! It was also SO nice to have all-inclusive because you didn't have to think about anything and the food was SUPER good !!! - it was SO fresh and truly amazing !!! You could get ANYTHING you wanted to eat and drink !

I also saw FLAMINGO dance and WOW they were really good !!! They danced with SO much passion and they were SO talented !!! Really really good !!! and the beautiful Spanish flamingo dresses were SO beautiful !!!

Alcudia, Mallorca is a little pice of heaven !! :D !!

So right now I'm going to one of my other favourite places and that is à PARIS, France !! :D !! Yes as Audrey Hepburn said: "Paris is always a good idea" - Qui that is true Paris is ALWAYS ALWAYS a good idea !! :D !!

I can't WAIT to be back in Paris - and this time I have to visit the CHANEL store !! :D !!

à bientôt Paris !! :D !!

søndag den 13. juli 2014

So wrong !

Right now Israel are fighting against the terrorist group Hamas which is resident in Gaza ! 

Friday night doing a concert at Milton Keynes Bowl in England Pearl Jam's lead singer Eddie Vedder commend on the fight between Israel and Hamas (in Gaza) - he unleashed a harsh anti-Israel diatribe on the stage ! - You can watch the video below: 

He clearly doesn't know a lot about what is going on ! - and he is clearly not updated about the situation - at the link you can read the article: http://www.jpost.com/Arts-and-Culture/Music/WATCH-Pearl-Jams-Eddie-Vedder-launches-anti-Israel-diatribe-during-concert-362556

Israel has been very patient and before they began to protect themselves they had been attaced by 300 missiles from Hamas in Gaza ! - so they have been very patient ! Israel is doing everything they can to prevent hurting the civilians and are therefore only dropping missiles at very specific targets ! It is very hard for IDF to protect the civilians in Gaza, because Hamas is using  the civilians as a shield ! 
IDF(Israel Defense Forces) does a lot to protect the civilians in Gaza ! - Right now they are dropping leaflets above  N. Gaza to warn the civilians to move away ! - They are doing all this to prevent hurting the civilians in Gaza. 

I think it was very stupid and wrong of the lead singer Eddie Vedder to bring this situation up in the middle of a concert ! 

søndag den 9. marts 2014

Tom Jones, Ballet and Cuban cigars !! :D !!

Tom Jones just visited the beautiful island Cuba - where he was visiting the capital Havana !! :D !!

- On his visit he visited the Cuban Ballet school !!! - I think that was very sweet !!! - and we all know that Tom LOVES cigars, so he also saw how the famous Cuban cigars are made !! :D !! - That's COOL !! :D !! - and then to the BEST part - the singing part !! :D !! - Tom was invited to sing at an event in Havana !! :D !! - and at the event he sang his most famous song "It's Not Unusual" with an Cuban flair to it !! :D !! - it was really good !!! - and then he also sang one of my favourite songs called "Besame Mucho" - WOW it was a wish that came true !!! - I always wanted to hear Tom sing this song !!! - so I was really happy when I saw that he performed this song !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !! - and then he also sang "Help Yourself" !! :D !! - that was also really good !!! - there was a lot of dancers !! and it reminded med of his performance of this song on his TV-Program "This Is Tom Jones" - with all the dancers !! :D !! - AMAZING !! :D !! At the video you can watch Toms performance from Havana, Cuba !! :D !!