mandag den 24. september 2012

BBC Four Sessions with SIR TOM JONES !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones performing one of his songs called "Run On" from the album called "Praise & Blame" !!! This is a song he sang together with one of his very good friends the king Elvis !!! :) 

If you are so lucky that you live in the UK, then you can watch the AMAZING Tom Jones concert at the link below !! :D !! 

søndag den 16. september 2012

Something NEW !! :D !!

The 11 of September Tom Jones was one of the guests on the AMAZING and very FUNNY "Rob Brydon Show" !! :D !! I LOVE that show especially when Tom is guest on the show, because Tom and Rob are SO funny together !! :D !! I LOVE when they sing together !! :D !!

The BEST part of the show was when Rob got Tom to play the guitar and to sing at the same time, it was SO COOL to see Tom playing the guitar and sing at the same time !! :D !! Tom sang a blues song called "Mess Of Blues" LOVE that song !! :D !! He did this song on the blues album which he did with the AMAZING musisien Jools Holland, LOVE that album !!! :)

There are also some other surprises on the show, so if you want to see Tom Jones singing and playing the guitar, at the same time, and see all the other surprises then watch the video below !!!!

Hyde Park !! :D !!

The BBC Radio 2 concert live in Hyde Park was an AMAZING day/ concert !! :D !! There was a lot of AMAZING singers, but my two favourites were Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J !! :D !! They were AMAZING !! :D !!

I LOVE the duet Tom and Jessie did together, they sang the AMAZING song "Mockingbird" !! :D !!
Tom and Jessie sound really good together !! :D !! They are two AMAZING, strong and POWERFUL singers !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch the duet with Tom and Jessie singing "Mockingbird" !! :D !!

After the duet Jessie left the stage, and Tom sang many other songs, some old hits and some from his two AMAZING albums "Praise and Blame" and album "Spirit In The Room" !! :D !!

 Tom Jones sang one of his new songs from his new AMAZING album "Spirit In The Room" called "(I Want To) Come Home", I almost cried, no I cried !!! :) I thought it was SO beautiful and emotional. Tom always sings with such emotion, he is an AMAZING singer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones singing the song live at the concert !!!!


At the link below you can watch the concert from Hyde Park !!!! It is an AMAZING concert with AMAZING songs !! :D !!