onsdag den 7. august 2013

Karl Lagerfeld draws his life...

- This week it is Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark !! :D !! - and then they are sending a lot of programs in the TV that is about fashion and all the GREAT and AMAZING designers as Karl Lagerfeld !! :D !!

Karl Lagerfeld is my favourite designer and then on the TV they was sending a program about him and his life !! :D !! - I watched that program and it was one of the best programs I have ever watched about anybody, because he was drawing the things he was talking about - so while he was telling a story about his life he would draw the things he was telling !! :D !! - That was AMAZING to watch and to see how talented he is !! :D !! - it is a REALLY good program !! :D !!

- At the link below you can watch the program about Karl Lagerfeld !! :D !!


Karl Lagerfeld does a lot of things and he has also made some music and at the video below you can watch/ listen to the music that Karl Lagerfeld did with some musicians !! :D !! - it is REALLY good !! :D !!

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