lørdag den 30. marts 2013

The VOICE UK starts tonight !! :D !!

So tonight is a big and GREAT night because The VOICE UK series 2 starts !! :D !!

- It is with Danny, Tom, Jessie and Will again so it is going to be GREAT and AMAZING !! :D !!

So if you don´t live in the UK and can´t watch the Voice UK !!! Then you can get a "Tunnel Bear" and it is free !! :D !! The link below !! :D !! So if you get a Tunnel Bear you can watch the Voice UK !! :D !!


So what team are you on ?? !! :D !! I´m on TEAMTOM !! :D !! I can´t WAIT to see the Voice UK !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Danny, Tom, Jessie and Will singing together on the Voice UK !! :D!!

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