tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Every song is GOOD !!! Hey hey hey...

I just got Robin Thicke´ album that has the VERY known title "Blurred Lines" !! :D !!

- I was very SURPRISEDabout this album !! :D !! - It is NOT just the very known song "Blurred Lines" that is good - NO - it is EVERY song on the album that is GOOD !! :D !! - and then something else Robin Thicke is an AMAZING and a VERY talented singer !! :D !! I just say WOW to this album, because it is a REALLY COOL and a GOOD album !! :D !!

At the videos below you can listen to my favourite songs from the album !! :D !!

The song "Blurred Lines"

The song "The Good Life"


The song "For The Rest Of My Life"

My two favourites !!!!!

I just found two AMAZING, great and very cool pictures on Facebook !! :D !! - I´m a GREAT fan of SIR TOM JONES and IL DIVO !! :D !! - and then on Facebook two pictures were posted with Tom Jones and some other people and then I look at the background of the pictures and I saw that there was a lot of posters/ pictures of famous people !!! Then I see that behind Tom Jones there is a poster/ picture of IL DIVO - it is the cover from their newest album called "Wicked Game" !! :D !! - I think it is a bit funny and very COOL that I found two pictures where my favourite singer and my favourite group are on the same picture !! :D !!
- You can see the two pictures at the below !! :D !! You can see the IL DIVO poster/ picture at the upper right corner !! :D !!


More drawings...

Last time I posted some of my CHANEL - drawings !! :D !! J´adore CHANEL !! <3 !! and Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer for CHANEL - and I think that he is the BEST designer EVER - and he really knows how to make CHANEL modern in a good and COOL way !!!

- If you want to know more about the AMAZING designer Karl Lagerfeld then you can watch the movie called "Lagerfeld Confidential" !! :D !! - it is a really good movie !!! At the link below you can watch the trailer of the movie !!! 

At the below I have posted three new CHANEL drawings that I did yesterday !! :D !! 



søndag den 28. juli 2013

My Designs...

At the below you can see two of my designs - I have drawn these on my Ipad on a drawing - program !! :D !!
- The first is a drawing of CHANEL No. 5 and the other is a CHANEL purse !! :D !!


Sweet Thing...

I was watching a movie and in the movie they played a song that I have never listened to before then I found out what song it was - the song from the movie was "Sweet Thing" by the COOL singer Van Morrison !! :D !! - I think it is a really nice and cool song - and I LOVE the melody !! :D !! 

- At the video below you can listen to the song !! :D !! 

fredag den 26. juli 2013

Love And Other Disasters...

I watched this AMAZING movie today called "Love And Other Disasters" it is a really great and VERY VERY funny movie !! :D !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie !! :D !!

- The movie is about a girl who works at VOGUE in London, and lives with her friend who is gay !! :D !! They both really want to find TRUE love !!! <3 Suddenly a man comes intro their lives and he changes everything...LOVE - She really likes him, but she thinks he is gay and therefore thinks that he and her friend would be perfect together... but the man is not gay, NO, he is madly in love with HER !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch the trailer of the movie !! :D !!

More LOVE from Italy...

I just watched an another movie that also takes place in one of my favourite cities ROME, Italy !! :D !!
The movie is called "Ages Of Love" and is about love !!! The movie is divided into three parts where it shows how love can be in those three parts that is at the below: 

1. Youth 
2. Adulthood 
3. and later 

- It is a great and a very funny and crazy movie about love in different ages !!! <3 At the video below you can watch the trailer of the movie !! :D !! 

torsdag den 25. juli 2013

To Rome With Love...

I just watched this AMAZING movie called "To Rome With Love" by Woody Allen !!! :D It is a very sweet and romantic movie but also very funny at the same time !! :D !! The movie is all about different people and their lives and how they find love in the AMAZING and romantic city ROME !! :D !! <3

- At the video below you can watch the trailer to the movie !! :D !!

New interview with IL DIVO !! :D !!

So I just found this interview with IL DIVO from last night at the festival "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia !! :D !! - It is a short but very funny interview !! :D !! - You can watch the interview with IL DIVO at the link below !! :D !! At the link below you will also see a lot of great pictures with IL DIVO from last night !! :D !!

Interview with IL DIVO

The picture below is from last night !! :D !! It is IL DIVO and the great singer Julio Iglesias who also performed at the festival in Riga last night !! :D !!

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

If you didn´t see !! :D !!

IL DIVO just performed at the festival called "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia !! :D !! - and if you couldn´t be at the festival then you could watch it live from the festival on the computer !! :D !! But if you didn´t watched it on the computer then you can watch it at the two videos below !! :D !!  

IL DIVO AMAZING as always and they sang three songs at the festival !! :D !! 

The Three Songs:

1. "Can´t Help Falling In Love" 

2. "My Way"

3. "Heroe" 

All nice songs !! :D !! 

You can watch IL DIVO perform the three songs at the videos below !! :D !! The first video is with two of the songs (Can´t Help Falling In Love and My Way) and the last video is with the last song (Heroe) !! :D !! 

IL DIVO live NOW !! :D !!

IL DIVO will be performing at the festival called "New Wave" in Riga, Latvia today the 24th of July !! :D !! - and if you cant´t go to the concert then you can watch it from your computer live at the link below !! :D !!

The concert starts at 7pm UK - time !! :D !! So it is VERY soon !! :D !!

Watch IL DIVO live

At the video below you can watch TOM JONES who was at the festival last year 2012 !! :D !!