fredag den 15. marts 2013

News from the Voice UK 2013 !! :D !!

There has just been a press launch from the Voice UK series 2, 2013 !! :D !!

- Tom, Jessie, Will and Danny all looked AMAZING !! :D !!

I really liked Tom´ outfit !!! He looked very stylish, elegant and COOL !! :D !! This was done by Tom Jones´ really talented stylist Peter Hawker !!! I LOVE the way he styles Tom Jones, because it is always something new and interesting !!!! As I said TOM JONES always looks stylish, elegant and COOL !! :D !!

- At the vidoe below you can watch Tom, Jessie, Will and Danny at the press launch !! :D !!

The pictures below is from the press launch !! :D !! 


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