mandag den 22. september 2014

My drawing !! :D !!

I have just finished my drawing of Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! - At the below you can see that I have posted my drawing and the picture I was drawing after :-D 

mandag den 1. september 2014

New versions from TJ !!!

I have just been to two Tom Jones concerts in Denmark. It was in Randers and in Odense and yes I say it again it was AMAZING !! :D !! - two of the BEST days EVER !! :D !!

One thing I noticed at the two concerts was that beside the new AMAZING and very cool version of "Delilah" there were also new versions of the two old hits "It's Not Unusual" and "Sexbomb". WOW I LOVE those new versions of the two old hits they were SO good !!! I can't stop listen to the two new versions because they are SO FRESH  !!!

- So if you're in a sad mood you should really listen two the new version of "It's Not Unusual" there's a lot of rhythm and swing in the new version !! :D !! and the new version of "Sexbomb" is also SO cool !!! It starts very slow and then it ends with a lot of swing and power !! :D !!

I really think it would be great if Tom did an album with all the new versions of his old hits, because they are so good and fresh !!! It would be SO COOL !!!

At the two videos below you can listen to the two new versions of "It's Not Unusual" and "Sexbomb" - Hope you like the new versions of the two old hits as much as I do !!! The videos are from the concerts in Odense.

"It's Not Unusual":