tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

My two favourites !!!!!

I just found two AMAZING, great and very cool pictures on Facebook !! :D !! - I´m a GREAT fan of SIR TOM JONES and IL DIVO !! :D !! - and then on Facebook two pictures were posted with Tom Jones and some other people and then I look at the background of the pictures and I saw that there was a lot of posters/ pictures of famous people !!! Then I see that behind Tom Jones there is a poster/ picture of IL DIVO - it is the cover from their newest album called "Wicked Game" !! :D !! - I think it is a bit funny and very COOL that I found two pictures where my favourite singer and my favourite group are on the same picture !! :D !!
- You can see the two pictures at the below !! :D !! You can see the IL DIVO poster/ picture at the upper right corner !! :D !!


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