onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

My favourite !!!!!!

I just found this AMAZING video on YouTube !! :D !!

- The video is with Tom Jones singing the Paul McCartney song called "(I Want To) Come Home" live in Hyde Park 2012 !! :D !! - The song is one of Tom´ new songs from his latest album called "Spirit In The Room" !!!! The album is AMAZING filled with beautiful, emotional, strong, powerful and soulful songs !!!!!! It is one of my favourite albums !!!!!!

- I LOVE Tom´ version of this AMAZING song !!! He sings this song with so much emotion and he takes the song to an another level !!! - It sound so real, beautiful and soulful when he sings this song  !!! He is the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

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