onsdag den 30. maj 2012

Charlie Darwin !!!!

Over the last three days I have been listening to one of Tom Jones´ new AMAZING songs called "Charlie Darwin" !!!! This is such an amazing, strong, real and a really really soulful song !!! and when you hear Tom´ voice when he sings the song !!!! His voice sounds SO good, powerful and SO soulful !!!! I really love this song it is such a beautiful song and the way Tom sings this lovely song is AMAZING !!! Everytime I listen to this song I almost cry, because it is such a soulful song and Tom Jones sings this song SO beautifuly and with such soul !!!
At the video below you can listen to Tom Jones singing his new song "Charlie Darwin" from his new AMAZING and SOULFUL album !!!!! I hope you enjoy !!!!! I do !!! :)

tirsdag den 29. maj 2012


OH MY GOD !!!! I just found out that the King of Dresses the AMAZING fashion designer Oscar De La Renta´ birthday is the 22 of July !!!! and the 22 of July is also my birthday !!!! OH MY GOD !!! That is SO COOL and SO GREAT !!!!! He is one of the most AMAZING designers !!!! I LOVE his dresses !!!! :)

At the video below you can watch the Oscar De La Renta Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show !!! Enjoy !!!

Oscar De La Renta !!!

mandag den 28. maj 2012

Me and Karl !!!

So this is me and my AMAZING t - shirt I was talking about !!! The t - shirt with the AMAZING fashion designer and fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld on !! :D !! I REALLY LOVE this t - shirt !!!! He is my favourite designer !!!!! :)

søndag den 27. maj 2012

All Blues Hail Mary !!!

So I was walking around in my house today and I was listening to Tom Jones´ new AMAZING SOULFUL album "Spirit In The Room" on my Ipad !!! And suddenly the Ipad are playing the song called "All Blues Hail Mary" and I think it is a so real and soulful song and you can really hear Tom Jones´ strong voice !!!
This is a really COOL song and the song has so much feelling !!! At the video below you can listen to the song and watch a lots of COOL pictures of the AMAZING TOM !!! :)

I hope you like the song !!!! I do very much !!! :)

Mockingbird !!!

This is an AMAZING and REALLY cool video with two AMAZING singers Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J !! :D !! This is so nice to watch because they are both SO great singers and they both have an AMAZING and POWERFUL voice !!! :) They are singing a really cool song called "Mockingbird" !!!
You can watch the video with Tom and Jessie at the video below !!! I hope you like it !!! I like the video very much !!! :)

Tom Jones and Jessie J singing "Mockingbird"

lørdag den 26. maj 2012

Favourite song !!!

Favourite song from TOM JONES´ new album "Spirit In The Room" ?? :D

I really don´t know what my favourite song is from the album, because I think that all the songs on the album are AMAZINGLY !!! :D

But I listen to the song called "I Want To Come Home" everyday !!! Because it is SO good !!!

There´s also an another song on the album from Paul Simone called "Love and Blessings" and this song is really good too. It is such a lovely song !!! :) You can listen to the song at the link below !!! I hope you like the song, I do !!! :)

Tom Jones singing "Love and Blessings"

fredag den 25. maj 2012

Tom and one hour !!!

This is SO cool !! :D !! You have to watch this !!! This is the AMAZING Sir Tom Jones and the rising star Ren Harvieu singing each others new singles. In one hour they have to learn and perform the new singles for each ohter.

Tom Jones sings Ren Harviau´ new single "Twist The knife"

Ren Harvieu sings Tom Jones´ new single "Traveling Shoes"

Yoy can watch Tom and Ren learning and performing the two new singles at the link below !!! I hope you enjoy, I did !!!

Tom and Ren learning & performing the new singles !!!

Tom and Ren

tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

I Want To Come Home !!!

If you want to listen to an AMAZING and really SOULFUL song then you should listen to the new Tom Jones song called "I Want To Come Home" this is my favourite song right now !!!

I hope you enyoj it as much as I do !!!

Tom Jones singing "I Want To Comme Home"


I just got Tom Jones´new album "Spirit In The Room" !!! I´m sitting right now, and listening to the album, and this is SO amazing and soulful !!! This is one of the most soulful and real albums I have ever heard !!!! I´m sitting right now, and listening to the last song called "When The Deal Goes Down" and I am almost crying because it is SO real, and it has so much soul, and the way you her his voice !!! Tom Jones you are and will ALWAYS be the most amazing singer in the whole world, you have the most amazing, soulful, powerful voice, and that comes from the bottom of my heart !!! This album is a really really true, real, powerful, strong and soulful album !!!

I can´t wait to hear the songs live at the Tom Jones concert in Odense, the city I live in, in Denmark !!! The album did very well here in Odense in Denmark !!! The album got 5 out of 6 stars !!!

This album and theis songs are AMAZING REAL and SO SOULFUL !!!

If you haven´t brought the album yet, then you should go buy it NOW !!! You will not regret it !!!

Karl Lagerfeld !!!

OH MY GOD !! ;D !! I just brought the most AMAZING and COOL t - shirt with the AMAZING fashion designer and fashion icon on !! :D !! I LOVE IT !!! :)

I will upload a picture later of the Karl Lagerfeld t - shirt !!! :)

SO FUNNY !! :D !!

Two AMAZING people Sir Tom Jones and Rob Brydon !!! :D

They are playing spirit in the room, because of Tom Jones´ new album that is called "Spirit In The Room !!! :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did !! :D !!

mandag den 21. maj 2012

FINALLY !! :D !!

FINALLY !! :D !!
Today the 21 of May Tom Jones´ new album "Spirit In The Room" is going to be released !! :D !!

You can by the AMAZING and very SOULFUL Tom Jones album on the link below !!! :)
Buy Tom Jones´new album here

søndag den 20. maj 2012

My designs !!!

So the background image is one of my own designs !!! :) I really love to draw clothes !!! :)
The pictures below is some of my designs. I hope you like them, you are welcome to leave a comment about what you think of the designs !!! :)

Name !!! :)

So the danish Princess was christened Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie of Denmark !!! :)
I think it is a very pretty name !!! :) Congratulations !!! :)

Team Tom !!!

An AMAZING group performance from the AMAZING team Tom !!!
Team Tom performed on the Voice UK with the AMAZING Ray Charles song "Hit The Road Jack" !!!

An Affair To Remember !!!

Just LOVE this song and the movie !!!! It is such a lovely song !!!! :)

Spirit In The Room !!!

You can pre - order Tom Jones´ new AMAZING album "Spirit In The ROOM" on the link below !!! :)

Pre - order "Spirit In The Room"

The album will be released the 21 of May !!! :)

Here´s a little taste of the Tom Jones´ new album "Spirit In The Room" !!! :) I hope you like it !!! :)

The AMAZING Tom Jones !!! :)

Just LOVE Tom Jones´ new song "Hit or Miss" from his new album "Spirit In The Room" !! :D !! I always get so HAPPY everytime I listen to it !!! :)

Tom Jones the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

Count On Me !!!

Me singing Bruno Mars song called "Count On Me" at my littlesisters confirmation !!! :)

I hope you like it !!! :)

Royal Christening !!! :)

Today, The Princess of Denmark will be christened !!! :)

What do you think she will be named ?? :)

lørdag den 19. maj 2012

Old songs !!!

To song I listen to almost all the time !!! :) Hope you enjoy !!! :)

Just LOVE this song called "Don´t Pretend"
Just LOVE this song called "Us"

Tom Jones singing "Don´t Pretend"

Tom Jones singing "Us"

Believe !!!

Always believe in yourself and always believe in your dreams !!!

                                                         Jessie J singing "Who You Are"

The Voice UK !!!

So what did you think about the Voice UK show tonight ??
Who was your favourite  ??? :)

The Voice UK

Are you ready to watch The Voice UK !! :D !! Tonight it is Team Jessie and Team Danny !! :D !!

Who is your favourite on the Voice ?? :)

If you live outside the UK you can watch it on the link below !!!
The Voice UK Live Show

An Affair To Remember !!!

So I just watched an AMAZING Cary Grant movie called "An Affair To Remember" !!

This is an AMAZING movie and it always makes me cry !! I think it is so sad when she doesn´t get to the Empire State Building and he is waiting for her at the top of the Empire State Building, because they were supposed to get married. So sad  !!

I will definitely recommend the movie !!! The movie is always good when Cary Grant is in it !!!

At the video below you can watch the trailer from the movie !! I hope you will enjoy it !!

                                                      "An Affair To Remember" trailer.

Tower of Song

One of the new songs from Tom Jones´ album "Spirit In The Room" is called "Tower of Song".
The song is an Leonard Cohen song !! I think this is an amazing and a very soulful song !!

This is one of my favourite songs !!

At the video below you can watch the music video "Tower of Song" with Sir Tom Jones !!

Count on Me !!

Last Sunday it was my littlesisters confirmation, and it was a lovely day with friends, family and happiness !! :)

At the confirmation I sang a Bruno Mars song called "Count on Me" !! because I don´t know how to write a song, so I had too sing infront of my friends and family !!!! :) OMG !! But I did it, and thank god they liked it very much !! :)

At the video below you can watch me singing Bruno Mars "Count on Me" at my littlesister´ confirmation !!

I hope you like it !!! :)

Me singing Bruno Mars song "Count on Me"

Hit or Miss !!!

So I think that Sir Tom Jones is an AMAZING singer, and that he is the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones performing on The Graham Norton Show with one of his new AMAZING songs called"Hit or Miss" from his new soulful album "Spirit In The Room" !! The album will be released 21 of May !!

This song "Hit or Miss" always makes me so HAPPY every time I listen to it, and I hope it does the same to you !! :)

                                           Sir Tom Jones singing his new song "Hit or Miss"

My First Blog !!!

Hello !! :D !!

My name is Frederikke Busch, and I´m from Denmark !!!

My blog is about the things I LOVE !! :) That would be about the AMAZING singer SIR Tom Jones, fashion (Chanel, Fendi, and the AMAZING fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, and others), and also about the also very AMAZING actor Cary Grant, and his many movies, and other things !! :)

I hope you will enjoy my blog !!!! :)