onsdag den 24. april 2013

Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

- Just found this GREAT article about the AMAZING and very talented singer Sophie Hiller !! :D !!

In the article Sophie talks about her debut album, and being Sir Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !!

- You can read the article about Sophie Hiller at the link below !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing one of her AMAZING songs called "Forget You" !! :D !! LOVE this song !! :D !!


tirsdag den 16. april 2013

The Voice UK series 2 episode 3 !! :D !!

- So if you don´t live in the AMAZING UK and can´t watch the Voice UK on TV then you can watch the episode 3 at the video below !! :D !! 

There is a lot of AMAZING talent !! :D !! One of my favourites from the episode was Elise !! :D !! She was AMAZING and I LOVED her song choice !! :D !! 

søndag den 7. april 2013

The Voice UK series 2 !!! Episode 2 :-D

- If you don´t live in the UK and can´t watch the Voice UK on the TV then you can at the video below watch episode 2 !! :D !!

It is a really good episode with a lot of talent !! :D !!

- I really LOVE Alys !! :D !! She is AMAZING and she is on TEAMTOM !! :D !! AMAZING !! :D !!

mandag den 1. april 2013

Carlos Marín !! :D !!

I have listened to this song / video all day long !! :D !! I just can´t stop listen to it !! :D !!

- It is AMAZING !!!!!!

The video I have watched / listened to all day long is a video where the AMAZING and very POWERFUL Spanish singer Carlos Marín (member of IL DIVO) sings with Eponine (Kirby Navarro) before she dies in the FANTASTIC musical "Les Misérables" !!!! They are both AMAZING singers and I love the way they sing !!! It is so beautiful and emotional, because they are both fantastic singers and they both sing with such great emotion !!! The video is from 1993 where Carlos Marín played Marius in "Les Misérables" in Madrid !! :D !! Carlos Marín and Kirby Navarro makes this part from the fantastic musical so beautiful, amazing and emotional by the way they sing together !!! LOVE it !! <3 !!

Me and Mr Jones !! :D !!

I just found this AMAZING article called "Me and Mr Jones" with Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J !! :D !!

- In the article Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J talk about their GREAT friendship and how it is to be famous !!!
They also talk about the changes that have been made in the television program "The Voice UK" where they both are coaches !! :D !!

At the link below you can read the article "Me and Mr Jones" !! :D !!



The Voice UK series 2 !! :D !!

The first episode of the Voice UK series 2 was AMAZING !! :D !! 

- There was a lot of talent !!! AMAZING singers !!! I really liked Ash and Matt !! :D !! 

Tom, Jessie, Danny and Will were AMAZING and great !!! I LOVED the part where Tom sang one of his greatest hits "Green Green Grass of Hom" to one of the competitors' grandmother and after that he winked to her !! :D !! SO cute !! :D !! You are GREAT Sir Tom Jones !! :D !! 

- I also LOVED the coaches performance !! :D !! They are all AMAZING singers !! :D !! 

So if you didn´t watch the first episode of the Voice UK series 2 then you can watch it at the video below !! :D !! It is GREAT and FUNNY and there is a lot of talent !! :D !!