tirsdag den 26. februar 2013

AMAZING Grace !! :D !!

LOVE to listen to IL DIVO singing the AMAZING song called "AMAZING GRACE" !!!!!!
- At the video below you can watch IL DIVO performing the song "AMAZING GRACE" !! :D !! They sound AMAZING !! :D !!

søndag den 24. februar 2013

Tom and Jessie !! :D !!

Just found this great video on YouTube !! :D !!
- This is a video where Tom Jones presents Jessie J at the O2 Silver Clef Awards 2012 !! :D !! Jessie J wins the award for Best British Act Award !! :D !!

LOVE Tom Jones and Jessie J they are both AMAZING singers !! :D !!

The last video shows Tom Jones and Jessie J singing together in Hyde Park !! :D !! They sing the AMAZING song called "Mockingbird" !! :D !! 

CHANEL and the diamond !!!!!

Just found this great video about CHANEL and the story about the diamond !! :D !! It is a great video !!!!!

Just found this great video about the most famouse perfume in the world Chanel number 5 !! :D !! 
- The video shows the story about the perfume Chanel number 5 !! :D !! It is a great video !! :D !! 

fredag den 22. februar 2013

LOVE Il Divo´ s version of the Elvis song called "Can´t Help Falling In Love" !! <3 !!

Listen to the song at the videos below !! :D !!

Sound Check (Hyde Park):

Live in Hyde Park:

Questions to IL DIVO !! :D !!

6 videos with 6 questions to IL DIVO !! :D !! Watch the videos below !! :D !!

                                                                           Question 1:

                                                                           Question 2:

Question 3: 

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6:

Come What May (Te Amare) !!!!!!

The song "Come What May (Te Amare)" that Il Divo sings is AMAZING !! :D !! REALLY LOVE this song !! <3 !!

At the video below you can watch them perform the song live at a concert !! :D !!

At the last video you can watch Carlos and David who talk about the song !! :D !!

Jessie J with some wax and Sir Tom Jones with a red nose !! :D !!

This video is so funny !! :D !!

Jessie J dares Danny O´Donoghue to wax his chest for the Red Nose Day 2013 !! :D !!
 - And Tom Jones is doing a countdown !! :D !!

The Voice UK and Harlem Shake !! :D !!

Just found this video !!! The Voice UK doing the Harlem Shake !! :D !! 

LIVE chat with IL DIVO !! :D !!

If you missed the live video chat with IL DIVO on Ustream then you can watch the live chat on the video below !! :D !!

The guys talk about how they spend their Valentine´s day !! :D !!

IL DIVO NEWS !! :D !! 

New AMAZING song from IL DIVO !!!! 

Il Divo and Michael Ball have recorded the song called "Love Changes Everything" !! :D !! 

- Really an  AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL song !! :D !! 

Listen to the song at the link below !! :D !! 

The picture below shows IL DIVO and Michael Ball !! :D !! 

søndag den 10. februar 2013

lørdag den 9. februar 2013

My cover of Charlie Darwin !! :D !!

At the video below you can listen to my cover of the song called "Charlie Darwin" !! :D !! This song is from Tom Jones´ AMAZING album "Spirit In The Room" !! :D !! LOVE this album and I think that Tom Jones is the BEST singer EVER !! :D !!

The drawings are someone I have drawn !! :D !! The images of Tom Jones is someone I have taken when I was at Tom Jones concerts !! :D !!

Hope you like it !! :D !!