mandag den 24. juni 2013


So the final of the Voice UK 2013 was AMAZING with a lot of singing and dancing and A LOT of talent !! :D !!

- I LOVED the beginning of the show where Tom Jones, Jessie J, Danny and Will sang the great song "Get Lucky" !! :D !! - That was really cool !! :D !! You can watch the video below !!! :)

- So the winner of the Voice was team Danny with the AMAZING and very talented singer Andrea !!! Who has a voice as an angel as Danny says !!! :D Congratulations Andrea !! :D !! - At the video below you can watch my favourite video with Andrea from the Voice UK 2013 !! :D !!

onsdag den 5. juni 2013

This Is Love - Innocence - to the TOP !! :D !!

The AMAZING and very talented Spanish singer Innocence has a new AMAZING and great album out called "This Is Love" !!! - this is a great album, with a lot of AMAZING new and fresh songs !!! :D One of my favourite songs form the new album is a great song called "Houdini Girl" !!! :D 

Innocence is a FANTASTIC and very talented singer who can sing everything from opera to pop !!! The song "Houdini Girl" is a great pop - dance song where Innocence mixes it with some of her AMAZING opera tones !!! :D I think this mixture makes this album to something new and very interesting !!! 

If you like the album as much as I do then at the link below you can vote for Innocence and her new great album "This Is Love": 
At the video below you can watch a video of the making of the album - with Innocence herself and Carlos Marin (member of IL DIVO ) who is the executive producer of this great new album "This Is Love" !! :D !! 

At the two videos below you can watch and listen to two of the songs from the album !!! The first is "Houdini Girl" and the last one is "This Is Love" !! :D !! Great songs !! :D !! 

Houdini Girl !! :D !! 

This Is Love !! <3 !! 

tirsdag den 4. juni 2013

 "The Chanel fragrance was in fact named as a reference to founder Coco Chanel's use of jersey fabric, which she famously introduced to womenswear as part of her movement away from restrictive female fashion. Jersey had previously been used primarily for sailors' sweaters and men's underwear."

- At the link below you can read the rest of the article:

The Chanel - JERSEY Fragrance !! :D !!  

La Luna !!!!!!

I´m a very new fan of IL DIVO and yesterday I found this AMAZING song called "La Luna" !!!!!! I can´t stop listening to this song !!! :D I think it is such an AMAZING and a very beautiful song !!!!!!

- I tried to see if there was a live version from a concert, but I couldn´t find one !!!!!! The song is from their great album called "The Promise" !! :D !! - The song is sung in Italian - it sounds really beautiful !!! Below you can see a translation of the song from Italian to English - if you want to know what the song is about !! :D !! - and below you can also listen to the AMAZING song "La Luna" by IL DIVO !! :D !! 

- Hope you like "La Luna" by IL DIVO !!!!!! 

The translation of the song "La Luna" from Italian to English !! :D !! 

La Luna                                                       
Se io potessi avere cio
Che voglio gia da un po
Che sogno da quand’ero bambino
Se tu mi permettessi poi
Che riempia i giorni tuoi
Di emozioni e mille sorrisi
Se noi riuscissimo io e te
Ad accettare che
Diversi siamo meglio noi
Mi arrenderei
E solo chiederei
La luna io e te
Potrei girare un mondo che
Mi chiama verso se
Col fascino di un’avventura
Potrei passar le notti mie
Riempirle di follie
Conoscere decine di cuori
Potrei uscire o non uscir
Mangiare o non dormir
Ma so comunque che
Io solo chiederei la luna io e te
Try to alignE tu raccontami di te
Avrai tanti perche
Che chiedi da quand’eri bambina
E tu che cosa senti in me
Il mondo tuo com’e
E quante volte hai detto ti amo
Ma tu permetteresti che
Io ti dia tutto di me
Lo spero perche so che
Io solo chiederei la luna io e te

The Moon

If I could have see
That I want already from a
That dream from when i were a child
If you allowed me then
That he fills up the days yours
Of emotions and thousand smiles
If we riuscissimo I and you
To accept that
Various we are better
I would surrender
And I would only ask
The moon me and you...
I could turn a world that
It calls to me towards if
Col fascination of an adventure
I could pass to the nights mine
To fill up them of madnesses
To know tens of hearts
I could exit or not exit
To eat or not to sleep
But I know however that…
I would only ask the moon me and you...
And you tell me of you
You will have many because
That you ask from when i were a child
And you what feel in me
The world yours com'e
And how many times you have said I love you
But you would allow that
I give to you all of me
I hope because I know that
I would only ask the moon me and you