fredag den 8. marts 2013

Believe !!!!!!

LOVE the AMAZING singer Ella Henderson´s version of the very famous song called "Believe" by Cher !!!!!!
- Just LOVE the way she sings the song !!! :-) SO beautiful !!!

Ella Henderson was one of the competitors in the x - factor UK 2012 !!! Her audition was AMAZING !!! At the audition she sang one of her own songs !!! A really AMAZING song !!! :-)

- At the videos below you can watch Ella Henderson´s audition at the x - factor UK 2012, and when she sings her version of "Believe" at the National Television Awards 2013 !! :D !! Two AMAZING videos !!!!!!

Elle at her audition at the x - factor UK 2012:

Elle performs her version of the song "Believe": 

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