fredag den 8. marts 2013

J´avais rêve d´une autre vie !!!!!!

LOVE the song  called "J´avais rêve d´une autre vie" from Les Misérables !!!!!! I think it is such a beautiful song !!!!!! :-) The French version of the song is my favourite !!! :-)

- At the video below you can listen to the AMAZING Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins who sings the French version of the song !!!  A REALLY beautiful and AMAZING version !!! :-)

If you want to see the AMAZING Katherine Jenkins live then you can buy tickets to her tour with IL DIVO !! :D !! I just bought tickets to one of the concerts with Katherine and IL DIVO !! :D !! I can´t wait to see them live !!! :-) See the tour schedule at the link below !! :D !!

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