mandag den 4. juni 2012

The winner Leanne !!!! :D

So the winner of the Voice UK is Team Tom = Powerful voices !!!!!! The AMAZING and POWERFUL singer Leanne is such an AMAZING singer !!!!! and when she sang the amazing song "Run to you" Tom and Jessie cryed because it was SO beautiful !!! I almost cryed too !!! ;)
At the last Voice show Leanne sang three AMAZING and very POWERFUL songs !!!! She sang "It´s a Mans World" by James Brown, and then she sang with the AMAZING Tom Jones "Mama Told Me Not To Come" one of Tom´ big hits !!! and then at last she sang the AMAZING og SO POWERFUL song "Run To You" by Whitney Houston !!! Leanne was so AMAZING and so POWERFUL !!!!

She was and is a true winner of the Voice UK, because she has the VOICE!!!!!! :)

If you live in the UK you can download Leanne´ winner song "Run To You" !!! :)

At the videos below you can watch Leanne from the voice singing all the AMAZING and POWERFUL songs !!!!! :) I hope you will enjoy !!!! I do !!!! :)

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