mandag den 25. juni 2012


Today, it is Sophie Hillers birthday !! :D !! Happy Birthday too you SOPHIE !! :D !!

Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday dear Sophie !
Happy Birthday to you !

I hope you will have an AMAZING day !! :D !!

Sophie Hiller is a professional singer and also Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !! I think she is an AMAZING singer with an AMAZING voice !! :D !!
I can´t wait to the Tom Jones concert the 28 of June in the Funen Village, Odense, Denmark !! :D !!

At the video below you can watch Sophie Hiller singing one of her songs called "Forget You" by Sophie Hiller !! :D !! It is a rally good song, if you REALLY like it you can buy it on iTunes !! :D !!

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