onsdag den 20. juni 2012

ELSIE !! :D !!

I REALLY REALLY LOVE the song called "Far From Perfect" by Elsie !!! :) It is such a beautiful and touching song !!! :D
Elsie is a professional singer and she is also Tom Jones´ background singer !! :D !! I think she is a REALLY good singer and that she has a unique voice !!! :)

I can´t wait to the 28 of June !!! The 28 of June I´m going to the Tom Jones concert in the city I live in, Odense in Denmark !! Can´t wait !!! :D See you Elsie !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Elsie singing her song called "Far From Perfect" !!! :) A really AMAZING song !!! :)

This is Elsie with one of her new songs called "London Town: How To Get Famous" !!! :)
The videos are really COOL and funny !!!! :D and the song is also REALLY good !! :D !!

At the videos below you can watch Elsie and listen to her new song !!! :)  

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