onsdag den 20. juni 2012

Houseboat !! :D !!

If you miss to watch a REALLY good and AMAZING movie with some AMAZING actors !! :D !!
Then you should watch the movie called "Houseboat" with the two AMAZING actors CARY GRANT & SOPHIA LOREN !! :D !!

This is such a good and cute movie to watch !!! :)

The movie is about Cary Grant who plays the father, have to take care of his children, because his wife died in a car accident. He takes the children to the city, and then one of the children gets lost in the city, and then Sophia Loren finds the little boy, and bring him home !!! The children loves her, and they want her to be their nanny !!! Sophia Loren becomes their nanny, and they move out to a houseboat and lives there !!! The nanny brings the family together again, and the nanny and the father start to gets feelings for each other !!!
And then you have to watch the movie yourself to see the end !!! :D

At the video below you can watch the trailer for the movie !!! I hope you like the movie !!! :)

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