tirsdag den 5. juni 2012

Tom and the queen !!! :)

So last night was the big concert for the queen of UK, because og her 60 Diamond Jubilee !! :D !! it was an AMAZING and SO POWERFUK concert !!! All the AMAZING singers from all around the UK came to sing for the people of the UK and for the queen !!! :)

I watch the concert on my TV in Odense, in Denmark, with my father !!! and we thought that is was an AMAZING concert !!!! :)

I must say that the BEST performance of the night was Sir Tom Jones !!!! and I´m not just saying that because I´m a great fan of Tom !!! I really thought that he gave his all, and he gave the most AMAZING, STRONG, and SO POWERFUL performance !!!! And when he sang Delilah all the people at the concert sang with him even the royal people !!!! You can really hear that Delilah is like a second national song for the UK !!!!! Tom sang just before the queen arrived to the concert, and you can say that Tom warmed up for the queen !!!!

I thought that Paul MCcartney was disappointing, I thought he didn´t gave his all, and he didn´t sang very well !!! but I really thought that Shirley Bassey and Stevie Wonder were REALLY good !!!! :)

At the end og the concert the queen came to the stage and she stood right in front of Tom Jones, and I thought it was SO cute, because Tom looked SO happy, and they talket and laughed together at the stage !!! :) and when they sang the national song the queen could really hear the song, because she was standing in front og Tom who was singing the national song !!! and he has a REALLY POWERFUL voice !! :D !! Tom also got a little emotional, he cryed a little bit, I think he was VERY proud to be there !!! :)

At the video below you can watch Tom Jones´ performance from the concert last night !!! :) I hope you enjoy !!! :)  I do !!! :)

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