torsdag den 17. marts 2016

My regular café and then I meet...

Sitting on my regular café in a little nice area outside the center of Jerusalem city. The name of the café is "Aroma" and all the workers now know me. They always meet me with "hey Rika how are you" and then I get my usual small cappuccino. This café is my Israeli Gertrud. And for people who doesn't know what I'm talking about Gertrud is my regular café in Odense where I live in Denmark. 
I'm sitting at a nice little tabel, where I can look outside at the road where people are passing by. I'm take my computer from my back and then the relaxation of the day begins after a long day of work at the home. There is always a nice atmosphere, and you can here many different languages being spoken, mostly Hebrew of course. Right now there is sitting a French family. French is music to my ears. J'adore français ! While I sit in my own little bobbel and listen to music (Tom Jones of course) comes an old man to me talking to me in Hebrew. I have to stop him and sadly tell him that my Hebrew is not that good yet. He then ask me in English. Do you think Appel is better then Windows ? I tell him yes I think so. He thought I was from the U.S. I tell him that I'm from Denmark. It turns out that he spent a lot of time in Denmark, mostly Copenhagen, from August to Marts. What he found out about Danish people was that we Danish people drink a lot and dress like Vikings. This was in 1964 the year before he moved to Israel, where he has lived since. Before Denmark he went to America this was after the second world war. He used his time in America to earn a lot of money and then he spent a lot of them on vacations to Paris and Copenhagen. Then he moved to Israel. His name is Aron and is 82 years old. He used a lot of energi to tell me that he absolutely didn't felt like he was 82 years old, but his mom told him once that "one day you will wake up and look old". Then he said "have a good day" and left the café. 
So now I'm in my little bobble of music again... Tom Jones of course !! :D !! 
Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem :--) 

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