lørdag den 22. august 2015

Hey Laura it's me

I was just checking my Facebook... when I found this amazing song !!! It is a song by the fantastic talented singer called Gregory Porter and it's called "Hey Laura" from his album called "Liquid Spirit" - a very nice, smooth and quiet song - but also a little sad. Gregory Porter really has a very special voice - he has his own sound !!! you can always hear when it's him who is singing - just like when you hear Tom Jones or Sam Smith sing. The first time I heard him live was when my mother and I went for the BBC Sing - show at the Royal Albert Hall. At that time I had never heard him before and didn't knew who he was, but I loved his voice and songs from the first time I heard him live at the Royal Albert Hall. Wow what a voice !!! 

I just thought I wanted to post this song on my blog because I think it is a really nice song... at the below I have posted the link to the video so you can listen to it if you want to. 

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