tirsdag den 5. august 2014

Vacation !! :D !!

Just got home from Alcudia, Mallorca !! :D !! Been there for 7 days and it was like being in PARADISE !!! - I miss it SO much !!

I just want to go back right NOW !

- if you have been to Alcudia, Mallorca you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't you should really consider it as the place for your next holiday, because WOW it is really truly lovely !!! - a little pice of heaven !!!

The beach is the BEST part of Alcudia, Mallorca !!! - because the sand is SO white (and the good thing is that there are NO stones in the sand it is pure sand !!! :D) the sea has the most amazing and beautiful turquoise color and the water is SO clear that you can see the seabed WOW WOW WOW and OMG !! :D !! HEAVEN !! :D !! At the beach there were sunbeds and parasols you could use if you payed for it, that means that every day a very nice beach guy walks around and makes sure that you pay for the sunbeds and the parasols !!! - You can reserve them for 14 days or more and then you don't have to get up early in the morning !!! - that is VERY nice !! :D !!

I lived on a 4 star hotel called Eden Playa and it was with all-inclusive !!! The hotel was SO good, and I really don't understand why it doesn't have 5 starts because it felt like living in a 5 star hotel !!! - The rooms are SO nice !!! Nice rooms and big bathrooms and it is super clean !!! The standard is on its highest !!! It was also SO nice to have all-inclusive because you didn't have to think about anything and the food was SUPER good !!! - it was SO fresh and truly amazing !!! You could get ANYTHING you wanted to eat and drink !

I also saw FLAMINGO dance and WOW they were really good !!! They danced with SO much passion and they were SO talented !!! Really really good !!! and the beautiful Spanish flamingo dresses were SO beautiful !!!

Alcudia, Mallorca is a little pice of heaven !! :D !!

So right now I'm going to one of my other favourite places and that is à PARIS, France !! :D !! Yes as Audrey Hepburn said: "Paris is always a good idea" - Qui that is true Paris is ALWAYS ALWAYS a good idea !! :D !!

I can't WAIT to be back in Paris - and this time I have to visit the CHANEL store !! :D !!

à bientôt Paris !! :D !!

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