søndag den 13. juli 2014

So wrong !

Right now Israel are fighting against the terrorist group Hamas which is resident in Gaza ! 

Friday night doing a concert at Milton Keynes Bowl in England Pearl Jam's lead singer Eddie Vedder commend on the fight between Israel and Hamas (in Gaza) - he unleashed a harsh anti-Israel diatribe on the stage ! - You can watch the video below: 

He clearly doesn't know a lot about what is going on ! - and he is clearly not updated about the situation - at the link you can read the article: http://www.jpost.com/Arts-and-Culture/Music/WATCH-Pearl-Jams-Eddie-Vedder-launches-anti-Israel-diatribe-during-concert-362556

Israel has been very patient and before they began to protect themselves they had been attaced by 300 missiles from Hamas in Gaza ! - so they have been very patient ! Israel is doing everything they can to prevent hurting the civilians and are therefore only dropping missiles at very specific targets ! It is very hard for IDF to protect the civilians in Gaza, because Hamas is using  the civilians as a shield ! 
IDF(Israel Defense Forces) does a lot to protect the civilians in Gaza ! - Right now they are dropping leaflets above  N. Gaza to warn the civilians to move away ! - They are doing all this to prevent hurting the civilians in Gaza. 

I think it was very stupid and wrong of the lead singer Eddie Vedder to bring this situation up in the middle of a concert ! 

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