søndag den 15. juli 2012


Took the train from Milan to Florence, the city where my aunt lives !!! :D Nice to have an aunt who lives in Italy !! :D !! 

Wish I could stay a little bit longer in Milan !!! Because I LOVE that city !!! The FASHION city !!! :D But I'm also VERY happy to be in Florence !! :D !! Just got the BEST pizza EVER !! :D !! 

It is SO nice to see my family in Italy again !! :D !! I have missed them SO much !!! 

Shopping tomorrow !! :D !! First stop CHANEL and FENDI my favourites !! :D !! Not that I can buy anything there, but I LOVE to look !! :D !! 

And them I'm just going to eat a lot of VERY good italien food and enjoy the SUMMER !! :D !! 

foto.JPG    foto.JPG    foto.JPG
PIZZA !! :D !!                   The train station i Milan !! :D !!            Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola light !! :D !! 

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