mandag den 16. juli 2012


Today, My sister and I went shopping in the city, Florence !! :D !!

We went to all the nice shops, like Chanel and Fendi, but we were only looking there !!! :) Then we went to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum !!! At this museum you could see all the AMAZING shoes, and you could also see all Marilyn Monroe'  shoes and dresses from her life !! :D !! It was AMAZING !! :D !! We saw her famous white dress, and the dress she wore when she sang Happy Birthday to the president !!! It was SO AMAZING !! :D !! If you have not been there you should go !!! It is really AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! It is a museum for a true fashion lover !!!! :)

Then we went for some more shopping and to Hard Rock Café, where my sister got one of there famous t - shirts !!! :)

It was a really nice shoppingday in the city, Florence !! :D !!

Below, there are some pictures from the shoppingday !! :D !!

foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG
    foto.JPG  foto.JPG  foto.JPG

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