søndag den 11. januar 2015

#JeSuisCharlie !!!

I pray a prayer for all those people who were affected by the horrible actions that happened in Paris vive la France

Today the world made history !!! 50 of the world leaders came together and walked together hand in hand. They put their differences to the side and came together !!! They walked together against terrorism and walked together for peace !!! Together with the 50 world leaders 1.5 million people came together and walked together !!! This was an important minut of or history !!!

#JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisJuif #JeSuisAhmed #NousSommesCharlie #MarcheRepublicaine !!!!!!

- Vive la République
- Vive la France

Today - the 11th of January 2015 - history was made !!!


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