søndag den 16. september 2012

Something NEW !! :D !!

The 11 of September Tom Jones was one of the guests on the AMAZING and very FUNNY "Rob Brydon Show" !! :D !! I LOVE that show especially when Tom is guest on the show, because Tom and Rob are SO funny together !! :D !! I LOVE when they sing together !! :D !!

The BEST part of the show was when Rob got Tom to play the guitar and to sing at the same time, it was SO COOL to see Tom playing the guitar and sing at the same time !! :D !! Tom sang a blues song called "Mess Of Blues" LOVE that song !! :D !! He did this song on the blues album which he did with the AMAZING musisien Jools Holland, LOVE that album !!! :)

There are also some other surprises on the show, so if you want to see Tom Jones singing and playing the guitar, at the same time, and see all the other surprises then watch the video below !!!!

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