onsdag den 30. maj 2012

Charlie Darwin !!!!

Over the last three days I have been listening to one of Tom Jones´ new AMAZING songs called "Charlie Darwin" !!!! This is such an amazing, strong, real and a really really soulful song !!! and when you hear Tom´ voice when he sings the song !!!! His voice sounds SO good, powerful and SO soulful !!!! I really love this song it is such a beautiful song and the way Tom sings this lovely song is AMAZING !!! Everytime I listen to this song I almost cry, because it is such a soulful song and Tom Jones sings this song SO beautifuly and with such soul !!!
At the video below you can listen to Tom Jones singing his new song "Charlie Darwin" from his new AMAZING and SOULFUL album !!!!! I hope you enjoy !!!!! I do !!! :)

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